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What do you hope to reach by participating in the Summer Institutes? The main reasons for attending

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Jan 4, 2019   #1
What do you hope to gain by participating in the Summer Institutes? What are your main reasons for wanting to attend the Summer Institutes?

a whole new level of tutoring in america

Since I was a kid, I have always been positive and seeking to try new experiences, understanding that only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved .Even if the outcome is not what you have expected, somehow later this is going to fit into your life as a lesson and experience that you will not consider a failure anymore. By always having a clear vision of future, I am sure it is all about the right decisions at the right time. They are the proof of a life lived correctly, a life full of opportunities which people sadly forget to appreciate and take advantage of. But not me. I'm a man with a goal and being a gainer of the Summer Institutes Program is the key from the door I have to open to be one step closer to my dream.

I remember when I attended economy course for the first time in middle school. Although what we had learned was pretty basic, every kid in my class hated the course, as they found the curriculum hard, but I swallowed the chapters and the lectures enthusiastic to learn more. By attending a Private school, as I did, I had the opportunity to enjoy lessons possibly of the highest level in the country. Time spent in economy courses shaped me in the best way possible, so I have found my path in life and I knew that now I just need to follow it. Love for economy wasn't the only dream I was chasing from childhood but USA too.

By attending this course, I opt to subject myself a whole new level of tutoring. I am still thirsty for knowledge and always being open for new experiences. As I will live on University Campus in dorms, I will get the true University experience by taking university-level classes in real campus buildings. As we are going to have visit to workplaces, I hope to see real professionals in the business world in action. Also it is a great opportunity for networking, since I will be able to meet professionals in the field I want to pursue, such as business in my case.

Another reason why I would like to attend this camp is of course America. I have always found the USA to be the country I dream to live in. I was born in Moldova and I have been living here for the last 16 years of my life. From childhood I liked to watch cartoons and movies and when I have found that the most of them are shot in USA, I decided for myself that America is the place where I want to live. It is the country of possibilities and advantages to become great and to turn you dream into reality. So, when one of my friends told me about this camp I saw it as a gift. I knew that this is the place where need to go to take a further step for my future carrier.

During the whole Summer Institute Program I hope to learn new skills that I can apply in my courses as well as extracurricular activities. Also I would like to build on what I know now, as well as take classes outside of your comfort zone. Also it is a great opportunity to try something new or something I hadn't opportunity to try in the past, because you don't receive grades there or you receive but nobody will see them as long as you don't want to.

Right now, my main goal is to get out of my comfort zone with business courses. I already started learning Entrepreneurship in my school, I am incredibly passionate about economy and marketing, and I am blessed to be a student of the amazing masters from the "Orizont" High School. I think 2019 is the perfect year to work even harder, take part in the Economy Olympiad in my country, finally get a scholarship in one of the USA Boarding Schools' and learn and share experience while taking part into Sanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes Program.

Holt - / 7,532 2001  
Jan 5, 2019   #2
Cezar, the first 2 paragraphs of this essay are only repetitions of the same intention, described in 3 different ways. I suggest that you simply compress the information into one paragraph that does not start with "Since I was a kid" because that is a term that reviewers are extremely tired of reading and is a phrase they do not believe because a "kid" doesn't have any ambition in life except to play, eat, sleep, and sometimes go school because they have to. It would be best if you start this essay from the 3rd paragraph instead. This time, using an adult reference to your interest in attending the program. Forget the backstory. That isn't important. What is important is the response to the question, "What do you hope to gain...?"

With reference to your discussion about the United States, I do not advice you to state that America is the country you dream to live in due to immigration concerns within the country at the moment. Do not make it sound like you would quite possibly be an illegal immigrant at the end of the term because of the "country I dream to live in" reference in your essay. You also said that you decided that you want to live in America, both serious reasons to question your application and very strong motives to get your application rejected. If you frame it to make you seem interested to merely visit the country, with the full intention of returning to your home country at the end of the tern you might have a better chance for consideration. Support the return with information about how you will share the information you gain with your countrymen to emphasize the desire to leave the country and not stay longer than you have to.

I strongly urge you to make this essay more definitive using academic goals / reasons for your desire to become a participant in the program. You are not really presenting any believable reasons for your participation in this essay. Neither are your intentions for attending the program related to academic and potential professional objectives. That is why your application is weak. What it does have, are strong reasons to reject your application based on your strong desire to live in America. If this application is seen by the reviewer as a mere step towards achieving that goal, you can expect an immediate rejection of your application.

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