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Hospitality Management - my Rough Draft for my UCF application Essay :)

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Sep 7, 2009   #1
1.Why did you choose to apply to UCF?

Right as that second hand hits two forty-five on a Friday and the bell rings through the speakers at my high school, the whole student body rushes out to prepare for the big home football game. At 8:00, the "Snake Pit" awakens with lights, black & blue painted bodies and the sound of the marching band. Soon the buff football players charge across the field to start the game and I get up to unite with the marching band and play our fight song.

To bleed black & gold and support the Knights at one of the football games would give me that same pride that I had back at my high school in Lake Worth Florida. Seeing how pumped up students get when the Knights play a game whether it's good or bad, is what gives me a drive to become a student at UCF. I want to have that same excitement that my high school gives me when it's a Friday night and the football game is on everyone's mind. It would be hard for me to walk away from that type of spirit everyone has at Park Vista High School. That's why I choose UCF!

Over the summer, while I was rapidly searching for the University that would best fit me, UCF was one of the schools that really opened my eyes. From the great location to the endless amount of possibilities it has to offer, it was immediately at the top of my list. For me, UCF is not too far from home & not too close either. Since I have a very close relationship with my family I want to be able to have the freedom to come back and visit while getting used to being an independent college student. I want to be able to easily break free from the life I am used to, and because UCF is just a few hours away from my home sweet, home this would be the best choice.

While visiting the various Florida Universities and taking tours around each of the campuses, they were all extremely different. What I loved about UCF was that there was so much to do on campus & off of it. Unlike a few other college town Universities, UCF has numerous fun activities in addition to the excitement of venturing through Orlando. A lot of the other Universities cannot offer that because of their location, their campus may look great but it can get a little old after a while. That's why I love UCF!

Along with the location, I admire UCF for the plethora of possibilities that it has to offer me. I have recently chosen Graphic Design as my major, but I do not want to limit myself just to that particular one. If I end up not enjoying that career path and that's the only major that I like at one University then what? Well, UCF can provide me some other routes to take so that maybe if I decide not to take Graphic Design along the road I can broaden myself to new opportunities. This University can allow me to major in a few other career possibilities that I originally had in mind, which were Hospitality Management, Journalism, and Photography. All three of them are great careers & if I chose the career path of Hospitality Management, UCF has a great program for that. With this variety of career opportunities UCF makes me feel safe, and have no doubt that it won't lead me astray in the real world that I have not entered yet. That is why I choose UCF, for the opportunities, great possibilities, & strength that it will give me to be able to live off in the real world one day. Go Knights!

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Sep 7, 2009   #2
the first 2 paragraphs are really good! and the last one isnt weak, persay, but it starts to get a little generic...which is to be expected, I mean theres only so much you can talk about a school, right? Anyway, props to you for choosing something (school spirit!) that not as many people will write about- it'll help your essay stand out.

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