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illinois essay - 350 words instead of 300 words?

Slime /  
Dec 31, 2008   #1
hey is it ok if in the illinois essay my word count is 350 insteadof 300 coz i cant edit it anymore
ohreally 8 / 20  
Dec 31, 2008   #2
there's a word limit because they don't want you to exceed it o.o

you might have to fit it to whatever the word limit is...
priscileung 10 / 42  
Dec 31, 2008   #3
honestly i would try and cut it as close to 300 as you possibly can. my illinois essay is sitting at 317 (have yet to finish the other) and i really can't cut that one down any further...
OP Slime /  
Jan 1, 2009   #4
thanks a lot
priscileung 10 / 42  
Jan 1, 2009   #5
no problemo. so did you cut yours down a little? i wrote my 2nd one and its sitting at 321 words, you think thats too long? :S
OP Slime /  
Jan 1, 2009   #6
i have reduced it to 315 words now i dont think i can even reduce a word now
zowzow 10 / 175  
Jan 1, 2009   #7
i dont no about illonois but some unis don't mind you going over the limit as long as you are creative/informative etc. so real good essays they don't mind if its 400 or 500. some sample essays for ivys etc were wayy over the limit

mine too were over the limit. like 350 instead of 200 given. not saying my essay is great but hopefully tufts is like what they said they are and are a lot lenient towards limits.
OP Slime /  
Jan 1, 2009   #8
i hope the same for mine
my influence essay for uva is like 350 instead of 200 as well
so lets just hope
EF_Constance - / 143  
Jan 2, 2009   #9
Personally, I would stick to 300 words or less. If that is simply unacceptable for you, you could also send both essays (a shortened 300 word version and the original). I would not submit only the longer version because part of the prompt is to be under 300 words. Illinois purposefully does the word count limit. First, they will have to reason literally thousands of them. Second, 300 words is a difficult assignment to answer a prompt unless you know exactly what you are doing. You must choose and use your words carefully. The words are what you use to sell yourself...to get you into the college of your choice.

You may want to add your essay to this post, and maybe we can provide some suggestions.

Good luck!

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