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Immigration Acculturation and Adaptation

yryasindu 1 / -  
Nov 16, 2014   #1
some immigrants adapt their lifestyle to the general lifestyle in the new country, and others attempt to retain some of their cultural differences.Discuss this issue.

Immigration started because of various economical, political , social and cultural interference in human life.It has become a controversial topic throughout the world because of illegal immigrants and acculturation issues.Hence the assimilation process has a huge impact on the dominant culture, which is the immediate cause for many social issues regarding immigrants.I am of the opinion that if cultural integration and retention of the immigrant is flexible with the dominant culture the outcome will be constructive.

The sociocultural adaptation is criticized by many immigrants and anti-immigrants in many perspectives.In this adaptation process immigrants are integrating to the national institutions .For example, taking part in education ,health and labor. Learning the native language is the foremost factor of adaptation and it is easy to socialize through a common language.without adaptation one could get socialy isolated while having physical or mental disorders.This has resulted in social disputes among natives and immigrants.Assimilation is the best option in adaptation ,yet it can destroy cultural values within oneself.Eventually,this process reduces the discrimination and racism from the anti- immigrants.Thus adaptation gives recognition and an identity to immigrants while preserving a position in the society.

Acculturation or retention is followed by many new immigrants throughout the world and it's impact on the immigrant is immense ,yet it has both negative and positive effects.A Cultural retention mostly satisfies the needs of the immigrant.For instance, homesick people stick to their cultural values to get a better mental condition.On the contrary, anti-immigrants get offended by this and there will be inter-ethnic clashes and the immigrant become socially isolated. Cultural retention also avoids "cultural shock" by developing a good mental condition to be productive.Last but not least ,this cause a separation between natives and immigrants.Therefore ,cultural retention can be followed without provoking racism or negative ideas to enjoy oneself.

The adaptation or cultural retention decides the position of the immigrant in the society,yet the flexibility can change the perspectives of the society. Consequently, immigrants who successfully adapt into the dominant culture get more opportunities.Specifically, immigrants with bilingual skills get more job opportunities. This depends on the way they prioritizing the language.Retention can be used as a token of appreciation to the newly embraced society.In other words this will enrich the value of the dominant culture,but overdoing it will be a cultural erosion.

Ultimately , adaptation or cultural retention is not a persistent option for a foreign national. If they can retain their cultural values while adapting to the dominant culture, there will a neutral situation without disputes.

melramadhani 16 / 46 6  
Nov 17, 2014   #2
you should put commas among complex sentences :)

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