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'Improve Turkmenistan' MOTIVATION LETTER for International Business Management degree.

serdarovez 10 / 33 3  
Dec 1, 2013   #1
My Motivation Letter for international Business management / undergraduate.
Is there anything else I should add ?
Thank you in advance :)

The Awareness of being a citizen of one of the countries with the highest unemployment in the world has never satisfied me. I have always tried to bring some changes to my Motherland but my impacts have only laid in the small corners of my town. My dream to improve Turkmenistan made me follow the path to the BSEL with its strong systems to inducing leadership and intellectuality in every student.

I have been interested in business and international relations as long as I can remember, and have enjoyed studying languages, travelling, learning different cultures. A successful International Business Management degree will provide me an excellent foundation for a career in companies and organizations active in an international environment.

Moreover the BSEL offers a pleasant, modern atmosphere that is ideal for studying. I can't think of a better place to pursue a major in Business management than the BSEL. Also it's highly recognition on international level is another advantage for me. Partnership of the BSEL with 156 universities worldwide and close relationship with the business world with over 480 companies promises me more diversity of the student body and internship in big companies. From which I could get a valuable experience that would benefit my future.

Not only do the courses sound fascinating, but it is my dream to live in cosmopolitan and international city like Berlin. With it's unlike wealth of traditions and culture, as I learned from my last month trip.

As a result of the events in my life, leadership has quickly become my primary goal. I am extremely interested in pursuing and developing all of the skills required reaching this goal, and The BSEL will give me an excellent opportunity for that.
selmasanchez 2 / 17 2  
Dec 1, 2013   #2
Great job! I think where you said "for as long as I can remember", tell the reader about that first initial moment you found your calling the emotions, everything. Also a minor spelling mistake it's spelled "last month's trip", tell the reader too how exactly "leadership" has become your primary goal, give examples :)

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