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'My independence started with the realization' - Transfer UC app. Prompt #2

wafflecone 1 / -  
Nov 29, 2011   #1
This is the prompt for all UC applicants but I'm a transfer student. Feedback is much appreciated!! Thank you

I always felt I got the short end of the stick. I could recall a time when I was skimming through antique family albums; my sister, who is nine years my senior, had several albums that mapped her whole childhood, from infancy to middle school. I could only find one album of myself that was scarcely filled half-way. I then realized my own incompetence; becoming salient of the differences between my sister and I. Although my sister was showered with attention, I, in fact looked up to her. She was the only one I could communicate with because of the frustration of a language barrier between myself and my parents. I wondered why they were not able to afford an afterschool program for me to learn Korean, yet they were able to send my sister to learn ballet. Rather than feeling loathsome, I felt that I needed to prove myself in a positive way. It wasn't until I chose to live on my own to start college that I found that opportunity.

My independence started with the realization that I was now in control of my own life and that I am my own responsibility. When I started college, I started making goals for myself and in the process my interest in family dynamics led me to develop a passion for psychology. I also took a Korean course in hopes of bridging the gap that I had between me and my parents that was widening over the years. I've built my confidence and self-esteem by surrounding myself with friends that were just as determined, hard-working and motivated as I am. I learned to enjoy studying because I recognized the value of the reward I got in the end. After my first year of getting impressive grades and being entitled to a spot on the dean's list for achieving high grades, I became drunk with ambition. To my surprise, this became more than just proving to my parents that I can be as outstanding as my sister. I decided that I wanted to accomplish everything my parents thought I couldn't do and even more. Not only have I become my own person, reaching for her own goals and aspirations, I became a better person - determined, hard-working, and intelligent.

I have never tasted victory in a big game before, but I felt like I had won something so valuable that no trophy could compare. The struggle during my childhood to gain the approval of my parents is something that I take pride in, because it encouraged me to try my best in everything I do. I experienced self-growth with that struggle and it also opened up the doors to my potential. Looking back at those albums, I realized that the number of pictures didn't matter anymore; the fulfilling experiences I had gained were the most important to me.

JBigelow 1 / 4  
Nov 30, 2011   #2
It'd be good if you put more details on what doors were opened and also the fulfilling experiences you gained

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