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Oct 24, 2010   #1
Hi Guys,
I dont have experience to write down any paragraph below my first try for learning and want to get your assitance to improve my writing ability.

your guidence will be a unique asset for me.



This era is named to information (computer and internet) technology age; no anyone can deny the importance of this technology. In this article we will discuss it in different view; our domain will be defined different kinds of job which was important in near past but nowadays these jobs are going to end soon and filled them with enhanced technology.

Following example jobs are going to expire
Data entry
1st level PC S/w installation Technician
1st level H/w Technician
Circuit Designer
Web programmer
Telephone Operators

In above are some popular examples of those jobs which are promptly go to transfer automatic solutions or merging with other jobs, no need to higher a huge force for that.

Simple example of Pc Technician (both H/w & S/w installation), in past everyone want to get help for basic installation of IT equipment and software installation but in these days you can get preconfigured machines or with simple auto or manual settings. Now mostly software getting online auto free solutions from where you got that product, a simple example is your windows vista and windows 7, if you install any new device these OS get online auto driver and giving you a best solution free of cost so no anyone need you to see these kind of matters which was very important in the past.

The other example of different kinds of circuit designer which are rapidly transfer to a cheaper labor countries from where you can get different design with limited free technical support, so many companies removing this positions and getting these services from other companies.

Like the others in programming also most of the companies getting these service from there companies and don't want to pay extra in side the company for web designer, programmer, administrator and vice versa.

Everyone know Telephone operators also transfer to auto answering machines and robotic solution which are giving you a fast and all time availability instead of human weakness of time schedule.

Generic trend in IT jobs remains,

Network/database admin
E-marketing admin
Web specialist
Network engineer
Systems analyst
Network technician

Today in IT services trend is going to get multiple tasks from the experts, the example is most of the companies demanding network administrator with the best experience of database handing, it means in future if you should have good command in both fields than you can get these jobs.

Marketing services also merged with local (TV commercials, Newspaper adds and signboard) and e-marketing. So if you want to come in marketing you have to focus on both sides and also searching the new ways of marketing.
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Oct 28, 2010   #2
This era is named the "information technology age" and no anyone can deny the importance of this technology.

I'll make a lot of changes below:
In this article we will discuss it in different view; our focus will be directed toward various kinds of jobs which were important in recent past, but which will soon become nonexistent because they can be achieved through the use of enhanced technology.

Here is another one to practice:
Everyone knows telephone operators cannot compete against automated answering machines and robotic solutions which are giving people fast and always-available responses -- which are much less expensive than human operators.


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