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'inspiration to live out my dreams' - Temple University Admissions - 10 year reunion

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Feb 27, 2012   #1
I really need help proof reading my essay, im really bad a writing and i would really apprieciate if some were to help me! thanks!

As I look back over my years at Temple University, the genesis of where my success had begun, I can proudly say that my life is full of accomplishments. While attending Temple, knowing the school's great reputation, challenging curriculum, and successful graduates, I was inspired to succeed in my academia. I committed my free time to this institution, pulling all-nighters on essay papers or even studying till the beginning of class started. That dedication I learned from Temple and is still with me today. These ten years flew by due to the dedication and hard work I have learned during my studies at this school. After receiving my Bachelor's degree in biology from Temple I moved onto graduate school receiving my Master's in Physician's Assistant. Thriving for my career has taken me to the ultimate peek of my succession, expressing my achievements for my ten year reunion.

After Temple, my ten year journey took strenuous effort and time. I began working part-time at Cafés and restaurants, volunteering at Elkins Park Hospital working in patient care trying to build up my experience with patients, and preparing for my MCAT's to attend Drexel University's Physician's Assistant program. Juggling all of these responsibilities and trying to get my career on the right path was not an easy task, yet my passion for helping people in the medical field has kept me moving forward to accomplish my goals. After passing my MCAT's examination I was confident enough to know that I had a good chance of getting accepted to Drexel's program with a Temple education behind me. After my completing my Master's degree in Physician's Assistant, my years flourished with success, continuously learning every day and working hard to perfect my abilities in the medical field. Now at the age of 32, I am happily married to my husband Joseph Albanese with two wonderful children, Adelaide and Vincent. I have a wonderful job as a Physician's assistant, assisting surgeons in and out of the operating room, assisting by making a difference in a patient's life, one by one. Nothing gives me more pleasure to return to this campus and walk through these halls, because like life, this campus has pathways that will lead you onto your right path. I'm proud of what I've learned from Temple and appreciate Temple University for giving me inspiration to live out my dreams, thank you.

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