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Interest in how money flow - why you are transfering and your objectives to achieve

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Oct 13, 2011   #1
I want to transfer because I have always had an interest in how money flows and after entering the work force I developed an interest in how the overall economy functions. My American objective, my American dream, has been coming to America, mastering economics and being part of a banking institution, a financial or consulting firm like Boston Consulting Group. After the recent financial collapse, a new part of that objective became influencing those enterprises to keep them productive without causing economic havoc, contributing to their success with financial regulation that does not suffocate business, through fair trade with China and other nations, and through innovative methods I will develop based on expertise I will gain at college. My search for that dream has become harder than I thought, but regardless of that I continued.

I also want to transfer because my objectives are achieving an education and a career which will give me options and facilities I did not have growing up. I was born in Peru and my life there was not easy. An example of that is when finding a job with a lot of struggle after high school, I wanted to enjoy the money I earned, but I could not because I had to save that money to pay for college. Another difficult time was when I was a teenager in Peru and studied English after high school every day in an institute twenty miles away from my home. The commuting back then was very hard. I needed to do this, as Peruvian high schools did not have after-school programs like American ones do. I had a difficult life since I was a child because I had to carry water in buckets from blocks away from my home due to water shortages in my town. At an early age I learned that to move forward in life, a person must make sacrifices. If I could to overcome all that, I am convinced I can achieve my objectives in the U.S.A.

In addition, I want to transfer to a 4-year college because I want to complete my educational process which started when arriving to America. But I had to postpone it because of the legal and financial responsibilities I faced after finishing college classes. I came to study, with a student visa, the Associate degree program at Hesser College in Manchester, NH. When finishing that program, I first started working as a temp because my student visa allowed me to work only one year after finishing classes. Even though I enjoyed that job, I could not be there too long because I needed a higher income to pay for my marriage expenses. Unfortunately, I divorced soon after. That meant that once again I faced the problem of being deported. My marriage to an American citizen had made me a temporary resident, but since the marriage was over, the INS assumed I had no reason to continue living in America. After a long legal process, during which I had to pay almost $15,000, I finally became a permanent resident. During that time, I worked 65 hours at week on two jobs and lived on only $70 per week after expenses to save as much as possible to have money available in the event that I got deported.

When I was relieved from my legal and financial responsibilities by becoming a permanent resident, I finally could choose jobs which I wanted. That is why I did not retake my night-shift job, which had laid me off and later recalled me, and stayed working at Bank of America, where I had started right after being laid off. Working at Bank of America required a 67-mile round trip commute. I had to leave it because soaring gas prices and car expenses no longer made it financially possible. I could not move because I had to stay in New Hampshire, where I had started the legal process to become U.S. resident, and eventually U.S. citizen. Had I moved, it would have delayed my citizenship process.

Because of all this, I feel capable and willing to tackle any new challenge and objective. I like overcoming challenges that seem formidable. I do not guarantee success on all of them. But I will do my best, and my best has made me become U.S citizen without having any family or relatives in America to rely on. I know I can succeed in almost any challenge and objective I take by working hard as I did after classes, and making intelligent decisions, much like I did while saving money and choosing jobs. Since my childhood days, from carrying water in buckets, to today, applying to one of the most prestigious universities in the U.S.A., my American objective, my American dream, is not over. With new advantages and new challenges, it is just in another phase.
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Oct 13, 2011   #2
comma after money flows in the first sentence

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