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'international business, people and cultures' - Study Abroad Short Essay

John9041 3 / 6  
Mar 5, 2012   #1
I have to write a essay for a grant to study abroad. I am open to any suggestions that you may have. Don't hold anything back.The topic is: Please submit a type-written 200-250 word essay explaining your reasons for studying abroad and why you should receive this grant. Specifically address the relevance of the study abroad site and program to your academic and personal goals. Address how

you will utilize your education abroad experience to develop as a global citizen.

The economy today is much more global than it was just a few decades ago and everyday there are more and more transactions of goods and services between different countries. Each country has their own advantages and disadvantages and because of this trading between countries is mutually beneficial. Having never left the southeast United States, I would definitely benefit from this grant so that I could see the world and give myself a better understanding of how the future of business will be like. With so many countries being involved with each other exchanging goods and services, it is essential to understand how these relationships work and what makes these transactions run as smoothly as they do. With any international business you are involved with people that have different cultures and beliefs than your own. Observing and seeing these differences first hand can do nothing but help the way that one communicates with people from other countries that you may be involved with. Studying abroad will not only improve communication skills with people from other countries but it can also change the way that you view your own thoughts and beliefs by being aware of how other people in the world live. Being surrounded by people your entire life that have similar ideas and beliefs as your own, can shelter you from opposing views. Being able to witness first hand the way others live will allow me to have a better understanding of different cultures and how to best live in the growing global economy that we live in today.
sjhcc09 - / 1  
Mar 5, 2012   #2
First, each country has its own advantages (not their). Also, try to tell the program what you have to offer them. You would definitely benefit, but what about them?

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