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'international firm job' - My past experiences and future (UNC business school)

pintianz 7 / 15  
Jul 14, 2012   #1
o Rationale for why you are interested in studying business (Why did you choose business over other majors? What experiences have led you to this decision?)

o Articulation of your specific short (immediately upon graduation) and long-term (10-15 years post-graduation) career goals and how you have decided on these goals.
o Reasons why the Kenan-Flagler Undergraduate Business Program is essential to helping you achieve these goals.

I was born in a hospital near the fourth highway ring in Beijing, the heart of the rising eastern superpower and a city of what I believed to be the setting of my entire childhood. From a crying infant to the elementary school kid running around playing kick the can, Beijing was my entire world. My mother used to tell me story of our year at the United States before the divorce, but I was only three when we were there and her story just seems like an exotic dream which I have no memories of. To me, what was important was XXX (I wanna say something like "where I live now" or "my world arund me" but can't word it well), I had many of friends and knew the city like my grandma's backyard; I was the master of my world.

One day near the end of my fifth grade school year, I was walking home from school with my childhood friends; I laughed and played through the street that we've been walking for an entire decade knowing little that everything I knew will experience a complete overhaul. (I'm not sure If i should use "I" or "we", we sounds better but "I" fits more with the second part of the sentence since its talking about my world being changed)(also is my usage of "overhaul" right?)

At the age of eleven I moved to Atlanta to live with my father. As I step in the airport terminal, my world view was crushed in an instant and before me stood unfamiliar people speaking in foreign tongues; I have entered a society that I have selectively chose to ignore, a world outside my world. At first I was overwhelmed and reluctant to accept this new world. However through school, friends, and society, I slowly eased my way into the American way of life while reconstructing my perception of the world. By the time when I graduated middle school, I leapt over the language barrier and was an expert in the new culture.

My childhood experience had granted me two valuable gifts, the adaptability in a foreign environment and a multi-perspective world view. I want to fully use my past experiences in my future career (I want to word this sentense better but making trouble doing so); thus I have decided to pursuit a career in international business.

In any field, especially business, Knowledge, connection, and experience are three essential components in achieving success. I believe I will acquire all three components at the Kennan Flagler undergraduate business program. By taking professional classes and actively participating in discussions and group projects, I will learn the knowledge necessary to enter the career field while establishing a strong network with the professor and students of the school. Through exploring working and internship opportunities in the business school career center, I will acquire real world working experiences. (I want to add a short conclusion saying "my dream comes from my past, and I believe b school will help me reach my dream and connect my past to the future" but having trouble syng it good)

My short term goal after college graduation is to find a job position in an international firm. I believe working in a company is the best way to learn how it operates while building valuable work experiences and connections. In the long run, I aim to start my own international company between US and China. I will make great contribution to the international trade and connect the two worlds that embodied my life. (sounds weird)

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance!! :D
KhanhZ 5 / 131 7  
Jul 15, 2012   #2
I had many of friends and knew the city like my grandma's backyard; I was the master of my world . it was my world

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