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What should be invented?-An essay for HSYLC forum held by Havard university

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May 27, 2011   #1
Sorry, I could not post the whole topic in the subject.
If you could invent something that would solve some social human issue, what would it be, what issue would it solve, why would you choose to focus on this problem?

less than 500 words (mine is 487 words if I remembered correctly)

My essay:

Were I allowed the power to invent one thing, I would love to use the power to invent a "procrastination terminator". No matter if it is a machine, a surgery, or simply a magical pill, as long as it eradicates procrastination, anything would do.

I have seen people brag about their ambitions; I have seen people making precise plans on daily basis; I have seen people purchasing tons of test review books as if they were to fill their time with nothing but books. Then, what do I see? I see the same people playing online games and telling their very ambitions to hold back for just one more minute; I see a huge university study room filled with people who lays the books unfolded on the desk and views twitter with their phones; I see shelves of newly bought books gradually "grow old and die alone".

How much time flew as we say "Just one more minute"? How many opportunities vanished as we say "This is the last time"? How many successes evaded as we say "I'll be in the right mood next time"?

Studies of Professor Clarry Lay, a prominent writer on procrastination, have showed that procrastinatory behavior is independent of need for achievement, energy, or self-esteem. In other words, as I may put it, everyone procrastinates! We are in a world full of people who do not have the guts to set out and accomplish what they know is good for them. What an unmitigated disaster this is!

Again, I have seen people trying to fight against procrastination: people who turn off their Wi-Fi on their phones, people who uninstall games on their PCs, even people who cut their cable lines. However, someday later, Wi-Fi will be turned on again; games will be re-installed; cable lines will be re-connected. After the fruitless abstain approach, people tend to seek for help from published articles: Three Steps to Fight off Procrastination, Two Ways to Eradicate Procrastination, One Ultimately Solution to Procrastination. Ironically, you and I both know that these "solutions" are just pathetically beautiful wishes that seldom come true.

Sadly, every single human being, to some extent, is the victim of procrastination, which is a deeply ingrained pattern of behavior. No strategies will eventually help one to eradicate this pattern of behavior, though they may help one to become a less-frequent procrastinator. Thanks to HSYLC and the topics of essay it assigned, I am able today to express my sincerest dream, which is, in this case, everyone's dream-to help human being fight off procrastination.

Life, no matter you like it or not, is extremely short, and procrastination makes it even shorter. Consequently, if I were given the chance to invent one magical thing to solve social human issues, I would definitely choose to invent the "Procrastination terminator". Imagine an world free of procrastination, a world of order, a world of efficiency. Isn't it just great?

I sensed there are some non-native tones in my essay: I really need some improvements. The assignment is due in three days.
Thank you guys!!

P.S. Some may wonder what HSYLC is. :) Well, it is a so-called "leadership summit" held by Harvard students in China. It's kinda hard to get in.

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,680 129  
May 29, 2011   #2
Capitalize Twitter.

Wow, I am so impressed with your writing style. You really express your ideas in a fearless way that is enjoyable to read.

Use a comma when you do a quotation:
How much time flew flies by as we say, "Just one more minute"? How many opportunities vanished as we say, "This is the

Life, whether you like it or not, is extremely short, and procrastination makes it even shorter. ---Great job!

Capitalize both words:
... invent the "Procrastination Te rminator."

You are cool. I'm a fan of your writing!
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May 30, 2011   #3
Thank you so much!
Your words have made me confident in my writing again. I'll submit the revised work. Wish me luck!
Thank you!

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