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Irish school of math - Summer Science Program (short answer)

RichardBI 1 / -  
Jan 26, 2019   #1
Hi all, I am an Irish Student applying to the Summer Science Program(summerscience). This is a six-week program where teenagers are able to dive into experimental science at college level standard. The program has a large focus on Maths, Physics, Engineering, Astronomy, and Computer Programming (Python). It's my dream to get the opportunity to go to it this Summer, and am looking for any help at refining my essay answers. The application is due for the 01/02/2019.

the complexity and beauty of the world

What topic in science or math do you currently find most interesting and why? When and how did you become aware of it? How have you explored it?

If curiosity really did kill the cat then at least the cat did not live in ignorance of the complexity and beauty of the world in which we inhabit. This complexity, inbuilt in everything around us, has always been the part of Maths and by extension (since I'm firmly on the side that Maths is the language of the universe) Science that appealed to me the most.

Using logic, methods and evidence we can model our own reality, no matter how incomprehensible it may seem. We can analyze the probabilities that underpin board games, pick the perfect ratios in architecture, and try our hand at plotting orbits. We begin to see something more fundamental and consistent with our world.

As an invited member of the Center for Talented Youth Ireland, I've been able to explore these concepts through college-level courses from an early age. I've spent the last four summers immersed in, Cutting Edge Science, Theoretical Physics, Engineering, and of course, plain raw Maths. Additionally, during my last academic year, I was privileged, to spend one day every week taking part in third level Mathematical Sciences modules in Dublin City University.

This experience particularly heightened my distaste with my school's Maths course and propelled me to keep on the quest of exploring Maths in all its intricacies. During that, course I was exposed to logically problems that kept you thinking for hours, the use on intuition to frame challenges, and the power of maths to understand complex things.

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Jan 27, 2019   #2
Richard, you have provided a general response to the question. What you have to present is an actual scientific theory or mathematical formula / equation that became the foundation of your interest in Math. Based on your discussion, you have several interests, whittle it down to one. Which of the scientific discussions or mathematical equations would you consider the reason for your interest? Once you have chosen a specific response, you will be able to explain when you had this realization and how you have pursued further interests and training within related areas and the area itself. Don't go for a general response when the essay requires a specific answer. The reviewer will read this version and see a conflicted applicant who is unsure of his response and not confident in his choices. Such uncertainty can lead to the automatic rejection of your application. Always go for specific information and explanations. That is what these prompts are designed to coax out of you in your response statement.

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