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"do it the Islamic way" ; What matters to you and why?

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Dec 30, 2012   #1
Growing up I remember my family always telling me about Islam, "do it the Islamic way" my grandmother used to say, however, I never understood what she actually meant. I used to give her the fake nod and smile, thinking to myself "it is not possible to do everything the Islamic way, is there an Islamic way for walking?!" Being curious I kept thinking about this until I was 12 when I was in a lecture with one of the well-known Islamic scholars who said "Islam is the catalogue of life... everything is done by it" and there it was, the answer to my questions. I rushed after the lecture, shouted his name and asked him my childhood question. His reply was life changing, it added the meaning to my life; "Yes..., Islam is god's way of telling us how to live our life in the best way possible; god's way ... Islam demands that we follow what is beneficial to us and leave anything that is harmful... you sleep on your right side, like the prophet used to do, because it's the healthy way of sleeping... you urinate sitting down, again like the prophet used to do, because its more hygienic and healthier to you. This is god's life and you need to remember that god had a way for everything created, no matter how small it is, that is the creation of religions". From that day on I started looking at life from a different perspective, every action I take is done the Islamic way. Islam asks me to learn, work, enjoy, exercise, train, marry and get children as worship to god and not just things to do in life. The most thing that matters to me in this life is my religion, Islam, which by its turn made every little thing in life matter to me. Anything I do, pointless of influential, it is still my life and still my religion.
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Dec 30, 2012   #2
I actually love it! What a good way of explaining your thoughts on religions! can you please read my thread ??

Thank youuu

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