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"Japanese lang" - briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities

509cr7 1 / -  
Oct 31, 2012   #1
For the common app application it's asking me to elaborate on an extracurricular activities or work experiences and I decided to do it on learning Japanese, may someone help me out with my essay?

The Japanese language encouraged me to open up and see what there is outside my comfort zone. Besides learning a foreign language I also learn the extravagant culture they had created since there ethnicities became to existences. I participated in many Japanese events where I learn how to speak more fluently in the Japanese language, and also interact with the people from Japan. Every three years 80 students from Yokohama Japan come to the city of Yakima to get to learn about our lifestyle and culture, but we also learn many new things from them as well. Did you know that on valentines day the women have to buy chocolate candy for the men? And it's one of the only day where someone can tell there crush that they love them. If they had never came I wouldn't of known that. But this exchange program impacted me so much because the Asian community isnt big in Yakima. So it open up many things in my life. It made me want to travel to Japan in the future but also to other foreign countries and see what else is out there that can change the person I am today. From learning the Japanese language it would open up many new doors in my life. For example I will have a better chance to getting jobs that I wouldn't think I would possibly get. When they see that I speak not just English and Spanish but also Japanese they would be amazed. Not everyone knows three languages. So I might not be one hundred percent fluent at the moment but I'm still young, I'm still going to continue to study the language until I master it. I have a long way to go but one day when I become fluent I'm going to be proud of my self for archiving something I put my heart into.
Azeroglu 2 / 3  
Oct 31, 2012   #2
You essay exactly opposite to realm

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