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The Jerome Fish Program ; UPenn Dual Management &Technology

Pyramus 2 / 5  
Dec 22, 2008   #1
Hi! I need some feedback here. I realize this is a truly crappy essay, and I would like all the feedback I can get. Thank you all!

2a. Discuss your interest in combining management and technology. How might Penn's coordinated dual-degree program in business and engineering help you to meet your goals? Please be sure to address the nature and extent of your interests in both business and engineering.

Whether I am designing a t-shirt for my Asian youth organization with a computer, socializing with friends and arguing over problems in society and their solutions, or passing the time by doodling crazy ideas in my sketchbook, I find that I truly enjoy participating in all these activities. I would love to be able to pursue all these interests equally, working to merge all these passions to create a unique pathway that I may call my own. The Jerome Fish Program in Management and Technology enables me to pursue my love for the arts, integrate it with the tools of modern technology, and promote the product through the communication and entrepreneurial skills of a business education.

From the classes in figure drawing or painting that I attend, to the times where I relax and sketch out my observations of the passing world, I feel that I am constantly enveloped in the arts. In an advancing modern society, I am fully aware that technology plays a large role in the development of the evolving arts. Just this past summer, I found myself in a spacious studio, enrolled in the CMU Pre-College Design Program pounding out sketch after sketch and discussing the essentials to design. During these seemingly short six weeks, I merged my artistic skills and creativity with software tools like Illustrator and Photoshop to help manifest my ideas into a clearly defined product. The Digital Media Design discipline at Penn is a field that best fits my interest in integrating computer science and the arts. In this area, I can take my creativity and the most modern technology available to me to explore new art forms and technology fields such as digital animation.

No matter what sort of path I may lead in the arts or technology, the social implications that arise from my experiences in them has always intrigued me. I love the interaction with my peers and teachers whenever we discuss solutions to current national issues. Even better is when I get the chance to discuss the arts and breakthrough advancements in technology. By receiving an education from the Wharton School of Business, I am able to obtain such skills like marketing and communication that that allows me to better work with others when concerned with issues like using a new form of technology to create a more fluid animation, or bringing together artists and technologists and create a cohesive environment that fields like Digital Media Design strive to live by.

Also, learning a skill like entrepreneurship gives me the chance to not just walk out of Penn and work under a massive animation company like Pixar, but to explore the idea of paving an entirely revolutionary direction that strays far from the traditional approaches of already well-situated establishments. Wharton's business education allows me confidence, knowing full well that once I step out into the jumbled and confusing world, I am not held down by the chains of some company, but have the reins to freely steer where I wish to go.

The Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology gives me the opportunity to open new pathways for myself. I am not just about searching for a university that clearly defines my career choices for me. Penn's unique, interdisciplinary program tells me thatïyes, it is permissible for me to stray from the standard norms. I do not want to attend some multimedia program for the sake of solely graphic designing, nor do I want to attend a business school merely to rise as the CEO of a major firm. Those all reek of stale and cliqued futures, a future that I do not want to be mine. I can mix and match and experiment with crazy combinations to concoct a skin that is designed for me and me only. I do not wish to conform to a rigid work process; the Jerome Fisher Program provides that yearned for freedom and seeks to bring out the best in individual me.

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,335 129  
Dec 23, 2008   #2
Not crappy! You write without errors. I think you should show that you understand what career opportunities this gives you. Research what people do after taking this double major, and give a little explanation of what you see yourself doing with it a few years after graduation. Right now you are a bit vague about it.

Not crappy, though!! :)
OP Pyramus 2 / 5  
Dec 23, 2008   #3
Thanks for the input. Can anyone else offer some suggestions/corrections?

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