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Write a brief essay (250 words maximum each question) in which you respond to the following questions. (Freshman applicants only):
1. Johns Hopkins offers 50 majors across the schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering. On this application, we ask you to identify one or two that you might like to pursue here. Why did you choose the way you did? If you are undecided, why didn't you choose? (If any past courses or academic experience influenced your decision, you may include them in your essay.)

ECONOMICS is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of good and service. It is amazing that you can even explain the question why the FIRST LOVE is unforgettable using the economic spot---The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility. The theory illustrates a conception that there are diminishing returns to consumers with the increasing consumption. Now apply the theory to the FIRST LOVE problem---a reductive satisfaction gained from a relationship would occur with a growing number of relationships one has taken. As a result, the FIRST LOVE yields the most.

Besides the economic love theory, I had another deep understanding of the economic influence on people's behaviors though a summer experience. Last summer, I planned to organize a summer class for kids who come from migrant families. Before the formal activity, I need a detailed research of those families. However, an impenetrable barrier showed up that migrant workers were so unwilling and vigilant against the survey. And I found that workers' senses of very insecurity just come from the extreme polarization between the rich and the poor ever since the fast development of country's economy. These people even hold a belief that LESS IN TOUCH, BETTER IN LIFE.

From so many observations in my life, I see the magnificence of economics and it inspires me to take a more profound study on economics. Actually, my father is an economics professor with my mother an economics researcher. And I, now regarded as an economic lover, hope that one day I can apply this subject into a more pragmatic and benefit field. Wish that JHU would offer me the opportunity.

272 words.

I am applying for the Art and Science College of JHU, and the major I choose is the Economics.
I am not the native English speaker, so i got very worried about the grammar and sentence structure. I really want my essay to be more natural and succinct, so please please find out those expression and grammar mistakes. I would be really appreciate!

Tell me whether the essay is boring...And any suggestions are so welcomed here!