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"Kaleidoscopic books" UC prompt #1: your world, dreams and aspirations.

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Nov 27, 2013   #1
I had no clue of what I should write, so I've been reading essays and instructions, and I'm totally impressed by them.
Please, if you could, lend me some advice on mine, as time is running out. Thanks very much!

Describe the world you come from - for example, your family, community or school - and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations.

Kaleidoscopic books
The white light casted on the white marble ground as well as on the shelves. Sitting at a corner as I was, my soul was completely in the world of Harry Potter. I ran through a dim room across broken crystal balls. My heart thumped for Sirius's duel. Nothing separated me from it except my mom, as she called me to go home and have supper.

I'm an explorer, and my world has been books (or, more accurately, a world of numerous worlds).
My home is a mini library. With five shelves, eight containers and two wise parents, it's an enormous treasury I forever appreciate. Everyday after school, I picked a book and read it, and each time I finished one, I would scan through the piles and spot another. Each book contained its own world or aspect, and opening a book was just unfolding an unknown adventure. I watched drilling platforms dig oil from above Pacific Ocean and observed a hummingbird suck nectar from a tropical flower. I sailed with a spaceship to reach another planet and escaped from a complicated maze with fetal mechanisms. Not even stepping out, the books already presented me a panoramic world.

Certainly I loved science fictions and fantasies that took place on imaginary bases, but what I loved most were books of sciences and recreational mathematics, because they gave me insights into the world I live. They allowed me to fly into the universe studying Saturn's ring and the milky way, while I could discern what they consisted of. They could transport me back in time to see the primitive ocean, while I could understand how chemical substances reacted and generated life in a hap. An electron could be at different places at the same time, and a kind of tree's reproduction could be solely relying on flightless Dodos. Drop a coin from a building, and I could calculate its fate.

The numerous worlds contained in each book didn't simply put me in awe, but inspired me to recognize the real world. They didn't only show me that every field could be amazing, but also that there were logics behind each. They have whetted my desire to know, see and comprehend. I took Japanese to understand animes, and delved in linguistics to have insights into languages. I've done researches for weeks just to find out how ancient Chinese saluted, and I've referred to college books only to know why some chemical reactions happened. Now, I aspire to understand how the world exists and works, and physics is my way. I dream to be a discoverer who'll find and verify a substantial theory, I want to be an active pursuer who'll contribute to human's progression, and I will never stop moving, since I'll never be satisfied to stay common.

I'm not a native English speaker so I may have used wrong words or broken grammar, Please correct me if you will.
I just feel something's vaguely but oddly strange. If you think so, could you help figure it out?
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Nov 28, 2013   #2
.... to my home to to have
...I will forever appreciate ...
....after school, I pick a book and read ....
....dream of being a discoverer....

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