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I keep a copy of every writing assignment - ubc personal profile WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU? WHY?

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Nov 23, 2022   #1

ubc personal profile

There were times when I struggled to identify my life's purpose. Unfortunately, these feelings robbed me of my optimism and left me frustrated. At this point, I realized the importance of seeing evidence of personal growth. I define personal growth as constantly improving and learning to become the best version of themselves.

For example, I've always kept a copy of every writing assignment. I'll keep a copy of this personal profile because seeing proof of progress and improvement gives me a lot of satisfaction and motivation to keep trying to improve. I began journaling my experiences, thoughts, and feelings so that later in life, I could reflect and see what exactly made me who I am and how far I have progressed and ask myself, Have I grown for the better? Or am I making the same mistakes? Self-growth is vital to my character, and I strive to avoid the same mistakes I have made in the past One day, my personal development will lead me to the point where I have made a positive contribution to society, no matter how small. There is no clear definition for life, but if we continuously and consciously grow, we will have a clearer view of our role in life.

feedback would be nice
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,447 4693  
Nov 23, 2022   #2
The essay is strong enouugh without too much forward thinking. The "One day" aspect is not really a useful not necessary aspect of this discussion since it is the here and now that is being considered. Build more of the discussion upon how the importance of evidence of personal growth has helped you value and get to know yourself better. Answer the rhetorical questions. Prove that the evidence you journal truly proves the importance of this belief. How the life growth is charted must be followed up with evidence of and a conclusion that doing such a thing actually helped you understand the importance of self worth and self importance. Right now, the essay is off to a good start but could use more relevant development towards the end.
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Nov 23, 2022   #3
@Holt yo thanks man ive been struggling to write these ubc questions but its nice to get some outside feedback

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