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'Knowledge kept me under the stars' - BEREA ESSAY

Jan 6, 2012   #1
give us
1.An overview of your educational and life experiences;
2. What you plan to do upon completing your education;
3. Why you wish to return (or not return) to your home
4. Description of ways you have positively impacted your

so this is for the first part, I would add up some three paraghraphs on primary and seconary education..so for a beggining is this okay..or shoulld i delve to academic start at primary school,though in a way i think it meaningful,bacause it gives them a depth into my character...HERE GOES

I was curious child. As my mum cooked, I would ask how charcoal burned, As my dad gardened, I would ask why the sand was brown. I would interrupt a prayer, to ask how God couldn't have a beginning. My parents were amused at first, but as my habit persisted, they found a way of deflecting my inquisitions. They bought me books...and forth my story began.

I embarked on adventures in Fables of Aesop, The bible, local folklore and fairy-tales. Knowledge kept me under the stars, trying to identify the Magi's, Mars, Jupiter or constellations. At seven, I mostly enjoyed but understood a little of what I read. I only grasped some facts like diversity of the world in communities like Greeks and Israelites, morals and some vocabulary in other languages. Still, it was this phase that left me with the most basic foundation of my life.I learned to seek out knowledge.

You've made a pretty powerful start. I would talk about primary school. I did the same thing in my essays, also feeling that they provided depth. You invoked great imagery as I was reading, well done!
Jan 6, 2012   #4
I agree with mylo. This is a really good start of your essay. Your show them your constant curiosity which a lot of universities like.

Good Luck! :)

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