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Lafayette merges education and ambitions; Why am I interested in Lafayette

Why are you interested in Lafayette?

I became interested in Lafayette because it doesn't separate education and ambitions but
rather merge them together. The things I heard about the students of Lafayette always
put a smile on my face. I remember one story in particular that piqued my interest. It
was between an engineering major and neuroscience major that were working together
to build a device that would recreate dreams and memories that a person had. This
technology would be a breakthrough for the court system - able to see what events really
occurred and having clear evidence for convictions. It was amazing, two completely
different majors, with nothing in common whatsoever were working together to create
a project to help the world. I know in Lafayette I'll be able to follow my own ambitions
and hopefully be able to help society as the students there already do. So as Marquis
de Lafayette would say "Cur non", why wouldn't I be interested in a school such as

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