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Language and Culture. Check my personal statement for UGRAD.

Horseman69 1 / -  
Dec 30, 2016   #1
Why would you be a great participant in Global UGRAD Program?

Language and Culture are the things that always amaze me. Born and raised in Indonesia, a country that has many amounts of language and culture diversities, I feel lucky to have the privilege that made me encounter various languages and culture diversities. I always feel engaged in any situation that involve language and culture as the center. I think that language is one of humanity's richness that is still need to explored.

My curiosity toward language sparked since I was in elementary school when I learned English. I became passionate in knowing anything about English, its' language, its' structure, its' culture, etc. Since then, this curiosity of English evolved gradually, especially right now, in my years as university student. Throughout these two years, I've participated in several both regional and national level English debate championships. My passion in English is the one that drives me to study English Linguistics on faculty of Cultural Science in my university. I chose linguistics because of my curiosity about language such as its' origins, how it works, how languages relate to society, and how it shapes our cultures. These several "mysteries" of language are the reasons that made me love languages.

I apply for UGRAD in hope to expand more knowledge about English language and cultures because in Indonesia, English is not a first language nor a second language. English is categorized as a foreign language. As a result, the progress of English related studies is not developed well. I hope that by participating in UGRAD program, I will gain valuable language and cultural insights. I believe the knowledge that I would gain will significantly enhance my English language skills because I will have the chance to communicate in an environment that used English as a primary language.

These experiences that I would get, of course would not be wasted away. I would apply my experiences by sharing and teaching people in my hometown about English. I will share them the knowledge that I would gain. I currently worked as an English mentor in a local English course institution and I hope that I would be able to share my experiences to also improve my students' English skills.

Growing in a cultural diverse environment made me appreciate differences and open to learn about new stuffs like cultures, habits, and languages. And I would think that my open minded mindset and my passionate curiosity to learn more made me a considerably worthy candidate in UGRAD program.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,194 3644  
Dec 30, 2016   #2
Andi, your essay focuses on only one aspect of your interest for application as a UGRAD student. The sole focus on learning English on your part does not deliver much in terms of context in your desire to become a UGRAD participant. It would be best if you can portray yourself as a well rounded person who is interested in learning about diverse cultures, traditions, and the development of a global society through the UGRAD program. Keep in mind that you will be thrown in among global participants and the reviewer will wonder what else you have to offer the program aside from a desire to learn about English and its application in your own life. The essay should portray a give and take among cultures and academic backgrounds. What do you have to share with UGRAD participants? Don't focus on what you can get from UGRAD alone. Show yourself as a global participant who can improve the program because of your global interests that are represented within the UGRAD objectives. The objectives of UGRAD can be found online. Revise the essay to accommodate those specific requirements.

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