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Laugh A Little (The study of cultures). UGA ESSAY. "The History of Horseracing" example

salehrama10 6 / 16 1  
Dec 12, 2012   #1
UGA's First Year Odyssey Program offers more than 300 seminar courses for new freshmen. Some examples include "The History of Horseracing", "Einstein and the Theories of Relativity" and "The Zombie Plague" (Full listing here). If you could create your own seminar course at UGA in any subject area that interested you, what would it be? What would the course be named and what would you hope to learn? (200 Word Limit)

We live in a world with an abundance of different cultures. It helps to get educated on these cultures for business purposes but more importantly in order to appreciate and show respect for the many cultures that make up the world. At UGA I will create a seminar, called "Laugh A Little", which will give students a unique experience while educating them on the many cultures that surround them at UGA.

"Laugh A Little" will take place on Mondays in an open area on the UGA campus. Students of all races, ethnicities, and cultures will gather in a circle and one by one they will tell an inoffensive joke about a custom of their culture.

I believe that this will be a great way for students to connect and learn about each other's cultures in an entertaining and engaging way. Through this seminar, I will also be able to further my knowledge of cultures which I am unaware of and even the ones which I am aware of.
Proran 4 / 17 5  
Dec 12, 2012   #2
To be honest: it's quite generic. People of all cultures getting together and holding hands? Never heard that one before. From the way this is written, I can tell your heart isn't in it. Write about something you believe, something you know, something you are PASSIONATE about. Not touchy-feely nonsense that you see on diversity posters.
OP salehrama10 6 / 16 1  
Dec 13, 2012   #3
lol that's funny because this really came from the heart lol @proran

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