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Law and Humans - UCAS University Law Personal Statement Essay

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Dec 4, 2019   #1

Becoming a Criminal Barrister

Personal Statement HELP

What draws me to research this subject at degree level is the intricate and multifaceted complexity of the law, as well as the fact that it has an effect on so many different aspects of society. Having lived in Hong Kong for the majority of my life, I understand that it is the predominant overarching factor that determines our society's stability. Hong Kong follows the 'one country - two systems' unique constitutional principle and is what differentiates Hong Kong from Mainland China. Law succeeds in permeating every part of the world today; it is very much concerned with current affairs and affected by them. The recent political unrest sparked by the introduction of the Fugitive Offenders amendment bill by the Hong Kong government is what further piqued my interest in the subject.

While the law is primarily concerned with the regulations of governing society, the fact that it encompasses elements of language, geography, economics and other disciplines appeals to me. Through my IB subjects, I have been able to develop skills which have aided my pursuit of a legal career. Studying English Language and Literature has allowed me to improve my argumentative and analysis skills. Drawing literary precedents and scrutinizing different texts to prove a thesis in forensic detail are key skills for a lawyer. Studying Economics has allowed me to draw parallels with the law as both shape itself around trends and befit themselves in the society that they belong to. Geography has taught me that similarities in law are what unites countries together, but differences in law can drive transnational communities apart. Even learning Chinese has allowed me to understand the mechanics of different languages and enables me to recognise the importance of linguistic intricacies while forming logical arguments.

My Extended Essay allowed me to take my studies beyond my subjects. I chose to analyse the exploitation of the rap lyric form as a vehicle for socio-political commentary and critique. This As well as allowing for close scrutiny of the texts, the Extended Essay allowed me to hone my research and analytical skills. I was able to think critically about how language has a large effect on law and the mistreatment of the legal system towards people of different communities. Researching and analysing texts and papers has allowed me to further strengthen my ability to research and construct different arguments and improve my critical thinking skills.

Attending the Cambridge Summer School has also allowed me to further extend my understanding in 2 different fields of law - Public International Law and the UK Constitutional Law. Attending these courses has allowed me to understand the importance of law and the effects it has on countries and its people. Learning about the UK constitutional law has allowed me to examine key concepts including the separation of powers between the executive, legislature and judiciary, the concept of devolution and how power is shared within the United Kingdom between Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Since the UK is in the midst of a constitutional crisis caused by the UK leaving the EU, the study of constitutional law has never been more important and this has given me a headstart in the core module of the first year of law. Public international law has allowed me to learn contemporary examples of international legal problems that allowed me to learn the importance of constructing legal arguments based on precedents and definitions and this allowed to be dissuaded from building my arguments too intuitively.

I have always been a highly active member of the school and the community. Being the leader of an Economics and Business study club and Art club and volunteering to tutor English to underprivileged children has taught me leadership and oral communication skills. This position has given me the opportunity to develop logical reasoning and time management skills.

The more human aspects of the law are what I currently find the most interesting, whether it be the tensions between security and personal liberties in Hong Kong or the consideration of Intention under Criminal Law. I am looking forward to dedicating myself to a degree which will allow me to explore these aspects and many others, leading me ultimately to my goal of becoming a Criminal Barrister.
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Dec 6, 2019   #2
Hi! Welcome. I'm here to provide you with feedback on this write-up. I hope this helps somehow.

First and foremost, I think it was great that you were able to introduce the basic portions of the writing in the initial parts. You had a comprehensive approach to the write-up, making it easier for the people to fully dissect what you were saying. I also appreciate the introduction since it was clear in its intent and purpose. Keep this up.

However, I think that what you can work on more would be trying to be more cautious of the technical angles of the discussion. For example, be mindful of capitalization that's out of place and the misuse of punctuation marks. Having less of a hold over these facets can definitely impede on the progression of your writing, especially since you're working with a supposed educational work.

The last paragraph, which is supposed to be the conclusion, is still a bit weak because you were unable to tie altogether every bit of information that you introduced in the initial parts of the writing. I highly recommend that you maintain a dedicated focus to the writing to ensure that you will be able to properly cap every piece of data that you've incorporated here.

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