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'Leadership is comprehending facts' essay

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Nov 22, 2009   #1
Leadership is a constant theme and emphasis at CMC. In fact, one of the ways we describe CMC students is "Leaders in the Making." Identify and discuss a person, fictional or nonfictional, who has helped shape culture and thought. You may select

someone from any field: literature, the arts, science, politics, history, athletics, business, education, etc.

So i thought of writing about lots of great leaders and then one particular person came to my mind. Robin Sharma. I just wanted to know how huge he is across the globe and whether he is a good choice for my essay.

In the meantime, I wrote the starting paragraph for the essay

Leaders come in many shapes and forms. While trying to decide who would make an ideal leader out of the many great people who inspire me, I decided to find out how leadership is perceived. "What is leadership?" "Leadership means to give guidance to the members of a group by going before or drawing others along the same course, just like the leader of a herd of deer or baboons", responded my mother, who is a Zoology teacher. Upon posing the same question to my father, the principal of a school, who is very much into philosophy, and who likes to talk a lot, he answered, "Leadership is not just leading, but comprehending facts. It is to be open about learning and having a clear vision. It is a skill but it goes beyond that. It is..." I cut him off. I had got my answer. Decades of scientific study have yet to yield a single definition that fully captures the nature of leadership; I was but doing a tiny study.

Since the prompt asks me to talk about a particular person, is it a good idea to start my essay this way or is it going off the topic?? Some good ideas to proceed with my essay would be helpful. Advice needed!!

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