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Learning languages but Participating - study plan - Korea scholarship

minhhanhkcm 1 / -  
Dec 20, 2022   #1

Korea scholarship essay

Korea Republic is increasingly developing and promoting its culture to the world. At the same time, the Korean language is becoming more and more popular among people all over the world. As a student studying and researching this language, I am sure that I must go to this country to better understand it.

After more than two years of studying at a university in Vietnam, I took a mock test of the Korean language proficiency test and achieved TOPIK 3. I took this test to know my level and if the result is good, I could use it for further opportunities that are coming to me. Living in an environment where the use of Korean is mandatory, I hope my Korean language ability will improve markedly. Even though it's only been for three months, I think that my level of Korean will increase and reach level 5 with a minimum score of 200 after I return from Korea and retake the Korean Language Proficiency Test.

I also plan to improve my English because Sun Moon School is famous for its large number of foreign students. This makes it possible for me to have cultural exchanges with not only Korea but also many other cultures. I can easily and comfortably train my language skills every moment.

Not only do I want to improve my language skills, but I also want to absorb Korean culture through this language. Learning and absorbing knowledge from Korean teachers and friends directly imparting to me will give me a fresh and intuitive view of the main language of this country. Because of that, I want to study and experience in Korea.

Not only learning languages but participating in an exchange program with Sun Moon University will help me learn more about Korean culture, country, and people that I rarely have the opportunity to experience in Vietnam. Although Vietnam and Korea are expanding cooperation and organizing many events to promote the culture of the two countries, there are distinct cultural features that cannot be promoted. Typically, the Chuseok festivals or Korean traditional markets that have been preserved and developed to this day are always an attraction I want to go to learn, witness and experience Korean culture with my own body.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,217 4648  
Dec 21, 2022   #2
While the essay is freeflowing and easy reading, it does not really relate clear information in relation to the post study plan for English and Hangul languages upon arrival in Korea. The writer has tried to pass himself off as such an excellent language student that he considers the post arrival lessons too easy and ignorable for him to even spend too much time on. He is not really focused on delivering a clear post arrival response in the essay. He must show that he understands how the language study works in relation to the importance of the scholarship. It should not relate to his study focus at this point. It should only show how he plans to further improve his language skills using the learning tools provided such as:

- How he plans to achieve his target TOPIK score
- How his language skills will improve through planned socialization, he may expand upon social participation in Korean festivals
- Why improved English skills are necessary for his success as a student, hence his desire to become proficient in English as well.
- How he plans to inprove his English language skills in a non-English setting
- Why he considers becoming proficient in these 2 languages an integral part of his studies.

Do not focus only on Hangul, try to throw in a discussion about English as well since both languages will be in use once you become a student at the university. Classes are taught in Hangul, but socialization may be done in English, among foreign students, and Hangul, when conversing with natives of Korea. Balance the discussion points to achieve a proper language study plan.

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