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'Learning to move forward in life' - UT Person of great importance to you

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Nov 25, 2012   #1
Any suggestions are welcome.
Write an essay in which you tell us about someone who has made an impact on your life and explain how and why this person is important to you.

An early divorce of my parents caused my family to split; my mother took my two brothers and me away from California and into the big state of Texas. With the absence of a father figure, my brothers and I resorted to each other in order to fill the void in our family. My little brother, still in the baby stages of his life, was too young to understand what was happening and too young to bond with my older brother and I. My older brother and I developed a relationship that was inseparable; we literally would do everything together, eat together, play together, sleep together and even fight together. As the years went on our brotherly relationship grew more, we understood each other and knew every aspect of each other's persona. The time came where my brother graduated, and he would decide to go to college in California. I cried, I cried because I thought I lost my closest brother, I cried because the void of my dad would be even bigger with the absence of my brother, and I cried because I thought I was going to be alone. That summer my brother left to California for his college education. I was now with my mother and my little brother in what seemed a large and empty household.

My little brother's name is Daniel. He was born and quickly was taken away from our dad. He did not have any memories of our father and never felt what a traditional family felt like. When we moved to Texas, he was plagued by sickness. He first was diagnosed with a nasty ear infection that caused the doctors to insert ear tubes into his ears. Alongside that, he would easily get sick from going outside during a cold day. With my older brother gone and my mother at work most of the day, I was forced to watch my little brother after school nearly every day. With all the extra time and guilt I had for not knowing him as a brother should know his brother, I started to build a relationship with my undiscovered brother.

I took care of my brother, I fed him, and I helped him with his homework. I began to be a real brother for him, whenever he needed my help I would be right there to lift him up or to help him out. As time passed, I built a strong relationship with my little brother and my admiration for him grew. I realized I was not alone or needed the presence of my older brother. More significant was the importance of my little brother in my life. Not only was he my new companion at home ,but Daniel also taught me to persevere. My little brother has fought all his life to move forward in life. His diseases could not slow him down, his pain from his ear tubes did not keep him from getting up in the morning. My brother would not and could not be stopped, with whatever he was facing he would receive it with a smile and defeat it with determination. This perseverance and determination my little brother displayed was inspiring and was admirable. My little brother has taught me to keep going no matter the odds or no matter the obstacles, if it can be done ,you can do it. Now that I may be leaving the house for college, my little brother may be home alone. However I know that his resolution will be enough to get through any loneliness he may feel. After all I will try to be a companion for him while I am in college and help him feel wanted like he did when my older brother left.
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Nov 25, 2012   #2
Your vocabulary is good, but you could benefit from using more of it. You could also write more about how he will affect your future.

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