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What led you to choose the area of academic interest you chose?

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Oct 10, 2008   #1
What led you to choose the area of academic interest that you have listed in your application to the University of Michigan?

Ever since I remember myself I was always eager to participate in events such as school celebrations and charity events. I used to organize theatrical plays and bazaars at my school in order to fundraise for charities. I have always loved everything that has to do with organization, management and finance, so when I started thinking about my future I searched for a program that would satisfy these passions. I realized that the most suitable major field that combines all of my interests is Business Administration. At the University of Michigan, I am interested in studying Economics, since they are very good base for Business Administration.

I had always had the impression that Economics comprise only the circulation of money. In high school, I took Economics courses and I was glad to realize that many aspects of a society, apart from financial, can be fully understood through Economic theory. I also learnt that in economics an issue may be approached by several ways, a fact that made the subject even more appealing to me. I have finally come to the decision that Economics is a field of study in which I am very interested in and I believe that I will be very good at. I think that studying Economics is the best way for me to make my passion a carrier. I am sure that I have a lot of potentials in this field, since I am studious, passionate, shrewd, creative, social and dedicated to what I do.
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Oct 10, 2008   #2
Your content provides a good reply to the prompt, but your mechanics need some work. I suggest a refresher in basic punctuation rules, as well as running your works through a spell-check program.

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