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"The lesson of hard work and persistence" - personal statement

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Jan 9, 2023   #1

write a personal statement with a focus on what you learned from

During the years I have spent in school there were many memorable lessons I have learned. But these two, in particular, influenced me the most.

One. "The lesson of hard work and persistence". I have tried for three years consequently to get into the student council. After getting rejected two times I was on the verge of giving up. With every rejection, an improvement came in return. Finally, I got in on my third try. The lesson I learned was that hard work actually does pay off. For your dream to succeed you have to work, failures are the essence of achievement.

Two. "The definition of disability". Since the time I founded my club, I have learned a lot. However, this is the most crucial lesson I comprehended "disability is never within a person, it is within poor living conditions". Disability occurs when basic human needs can't be fulfilled. For example, a wheelchair user can't get into the supermarket because of the unstandardized stairs. This is also one of the reasons I want to become an engineer. I want to build a place where everyone's living conditions are thought of.
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Jan 9, 2023   #2
I strongly urge you to remove the introductory paragraph in this statement. Since the word requirement is less than 250 words, you need to provide a direct statement that allows you to better explain yourself. There is no need for pleasantries or useless introductions. Use the word count to further improve the 2 experiences. You also do not need to count the number of experiences, just present these in individual paragraphs directly.

For the first lesson, you may want to indicate the reasons that you lost twice. What was the assessment as to your shortcoming? What did you have to improve that led to speak about how hard work pays off? In the second lesson, I found myself confused about the statement made. How does it relate to you? Indicate if you are a wheelchair bound person. That way your example will make more sense to the reader and your statement about an interest in Engineering holds greater importance as a statement consideration.

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