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In no longer than 250 words tell us why Boston University is a good fit for you.

ygicantoo 2 / 7 1  
Jan 3, 2014   #1
Psychopaths are fascinating! Says the girl in the far corner desk who is too introverted to ever speak up in her class of 31. "Yes" she reassures both herself and the class who are all looking at her by now. Some with surprised looks in their face-She talks? She hears a boy not so subtly say. Most times she would have said never mind or looked down, but she had to stand up to her beliefs "That's why I want to be a Forensic Psychologist" She says as a smirk on her face appears "They give therapy to people whose minds are not all there" Everyone is looking at her in awe, she realizes how refreshing it feels to speak up.

Growing up in a family of five, and being the only child for half my life has kept my social skills low. It comes as a habit to be alone and it is because of my introvert personality that I want to go to Boston University. In such a big school you either take part in it or get left behind from the waves of people who go through the halls every day. It is being put at the spot, speaking up and get noticed or stay quiet forever and pass unnoticed.

The fascination for the way people reason comes from my mental disorder, the one I've been dealing with for almost six years: Trichotillomania.
When I was in seventh grade I started pulling my hair. Subsequently going to various Psychiatrist, all asking me the now most emblematic question of my life "Why do you do it?" But till this day, I cannot answer that.

I don't do it in front of people, I don't do it subconsciously, I don't do it at a specific time. I touch every single strand of the desired place where I want to pull, I touch it three times before deciding which one is the "perfect one".

My Trichotillomania and my introvert personality are what spurred the longing to study in such a great big city, to surpass all the norms and deteriorated expectancy of success introverts may achieve, for being quiet, shy and in this case-A little out of the sound of their mind.
lilly1218 5 / 16 3  
Jan 3, 2014   #2
But till this day

But to this day*

Oh I like this!! This is so interesting :) Well done!
OP ygicantoo 2 / 7 1  
Jan 3, 2014   #3
Any unwanted sentences? It's over 250 /:
hello_sunshine 1 / 3  
Jan 3, 2014   #4
I like your essay but i feel as though you have too much run on sentence but over all your essat is interesting

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