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'I lost confidence in myself'; Difficulty making an important decision

shalini singh 14 / 23  
Jun 1, 2010   #1
Describe a particular time in your life when you had difficulty making an important decision. Identify the situation and explain whether you were able to resolve the problem. if it was resolved the how ? if not then why not - what happenend .

Life is full of challenges, to overcome these challenges proper decision making ability at
adequate timing is the most important thing to do. I remember a situation in which I had to make a decision which was not easy at that time. Back then I made a decision for my future and I am satisfied and happy with my decision now.

Every kid while growing goes through lot of pressure from their parents to choose a best career path for themselves. Some parents try to enforce their choice of a career on their kids, on the other hand some parents give this opportunity to their kids to choose a career for themselves. My parents were also among one of them who gave this big responsibity to decide a career for myself. My immature and inexperienced way of thinking hindered my thoughts of practical approach in life. Being unaware of pros and corns of fascinating careers for me and my capabilities I decided to go for modeling. My parents at that moment didn't raise their voice for my decision of career. I am very sure that they wanted me to learn by my experiences. I started applying for schools and training in this line. After getting in touch with people of this field and learning about pros and corns of modeling I realized that it was not my cup of tea.Situation became ambiguous, my fascination and quest of having a fascinated career for my self came to an end. Now it was not trivial task for me to think against my liking and dreams which I had and decide some totally new career line for my self.

Moreover, I became little skeptical about my ability of making a decisions, as I lost confidence in myself. Finally, I started observing people around and was able to make a decision for my future life. I decided to get into the field of education and become a teacher. I found that teaching is something which is in my blood as my father was also in the same fields. I realized that teaching is something which is respectable, with less hidden chances of surprises and it is a career in which we can have a good balance in career and family life. My familiarity in this field helped me to regain my confidence and also helped me to take this strenuous decision for my future life.

I was welcomed and also appreciated for my this decision of having a teaching as a career for my self.Indeed, my father was very proud and happy to know that I will be following his foot prints. He very proudly remarked on my decision that "teaching is a way you can spread your knowledge and also offer back to the society you live".

In a nutshell, making decision for a life ahead is not always easy. At one point of time I was given opportunity to decide my future career life. Lack of experience and immaturity were obstacles in making a right decision according to my ability. Finally in time I had a realization that it was not my cup of tea and will not get a satisfaction in life if I won't change my mind. Finally, I came up from this ambiguous situation of mine and decided a career path for myself which was familiar to me. Today I feel and thank God for helping me to take that important decision of my life because of which I feel very satisfied and happy.

Proper decision making ability at adequate time helps to face and conquer the challenges and give happiness and satisfaction in life.
ivyeyesediting - / 85  
Jun 2, 2010   #2
Hi Shalini,

I'd like to give you specific, granular feedback on this essay, but my biggest issue is with your choice of topic. Here's why:

-A more specific, nuanced story will work better with this prompt. This essay hinges not necessarily on the difficulty itself, but the specific course of action you took and how you resolved the situation. This is the real purpose of the prompt: to showcase your problem-solving skills and ability to reflect on your choices.

If you can explore your pursuit of modeling more specifically (was it more than a childhood dream?), this essay can work.

-It is somewhat natural to make an ill-informed, impetuous or outside-of-the-box career choice as a child. Few people rarely have a handle on their career aspirations until they are well into adulthood, so it almost seems as if you're being too hard on yourself here. Of course, I'd have to know more about the realities of your personal history.

-Lastly, I feel as though you don't really give great support for why teaching is the best path for you. Teaching provides a more balanced life, and it is 'in your blood,' but how did you determine it was your passion???


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