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"Lots of students + academic variety" - OSU Essay - Why interested?

XUMuskies 1 / -  
Nov 22, 2010   #1
Why are you interested in The Ohio State University? (300 word max)
Please critique...

The Ohio State University is known for an array of things, namely their academic excellence, colossal student body, and a stellar football team. While all of these three components are intriguing, the one thing that stands out to me is the variety the university has to offer in all aspects of the college life.

First and foremost, the university is home to over 42,000 undergraduate students. Among that startling amount, over 8,000 students are from a minority group and over 4,000 are from a foreign country. Ohio State would challenge me not only academically, but would also test me to expand my horizons by meeting new people and exposing myself to other religions and lifestyles that I may not already be familiar with considering I have attended private schools all my life. In addition, the large amount of students will force me to step up and take on leadership roles in order to set myself apart.

Another factor that adds to my attraction to the university is the variety offered academically. The abundant curriculum that is offered at Ohio State more than fits my needs. I have interests in all sorts of subjects, especially history, English, and Spanish. I have learned that I can focus on these three subjects as well as explore other subjects to find which major is the appropriate fit for me. I plan on attending law school after my years as an undergraduate and the university provides me with a solid foundation towards achieving that goal.

All in all, I believe the Ohio State University is the school for me. From outstanding academics to a vast amount of student clubs and organizations, Ohio State fits the bill for where I want to begin my journey towards professional life.

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lanes 5 / 33  
Nov 22, 2010   #2
I think you should shy away from just saying the schools statistics (i.e when you stated the numbers of minority groups and students) the school knows their stats, focus more on details about YOU! and why you wanna go their, what specifically attracts you to the school, like a major or a study abroad program, you should stick with your theme about a lot of people, and diversity but make it more you!

Oleh 5 / 33  
Nov 22, 2010   #3
I agree with lanes, the numbers just drift awya from your main focus,
"the variety offered academically" this sounds awkward...and stop saying Ohio State too much.
It feels like you are trying too hard:)
Sorry if I'm being too harsh, but it's just what I think
Good luck on getting admitted!

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