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I love being a nurse...Personal Statement for Nurse Practitioner Program

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Aug 29, 2012   #1
Hello. In full disclosure, I am posting this for a friend who is applying to a nurse practitioner program. She is unable to post this week and the application is due on 9/1. Her personal statement does not have a specified length, but must answer the question: What is your objective? Her essay will accompany her application vitae, transcripts and three letters of recommendation. Thank you in advance for any and all feedback!

I grew up in a rural community close to the Kansas/Nebraska border. My upbringing developed my core beliefs of community, family, loyalty, compassion and honesty. It also taught me that all things worthwhile require hard work. Becoming a Nurse Practitioner through the <school> will prove challenging and intense, but has the lifelong reward of a career that has meaning and value to me. My goal is to move back to my hometown to fill a gap in access to primary care due to the impending retirement of the community's two beloved doctors.

My interest in nursing started during middle school, when I volunteered as a candy striper in a long term care facility. Over three summers, I learned a lot about healthcare, nurturing, and empowerment. I also discovered through the interactions with the residents how therapeutic and comforting an encouraging smile, a friendly conversation and a helpful hand could be. I established strong relationships with several of the residents. I especially treasured my time with Rosie, a bubbly 86 year old resident. She showed me that helping others is one of life's greatest gifts. For that wisdom, I will always be grateful.

Eager to learn more, I shadowed a Nurse Practitioner during her daily rounds at a Women's Clinic, observing her genuine caring as she completed routine tests and exams. She proved she knew as much about the person as she did about the health concern; I was impressed by the connection she had with each of her patients. My experience took an unexpected turn about midday when I participated in the labor and delivery of a baby to a mother that was my age (sixteen). The mother and her family quickly accepted me into their world as I spent hours at the mother's bedside, feeding her ice chips, providing comforting words and holding her hand during contractions. As the delivery neared, I stepped away to make room for the medical team. However, the mother was quick to call me back to her side asking me to help her hold her legs as she delivered. It was at that moment that I realized the connection I had made with her, even though I was a complete stranger only hours before. This experience solidified my desire to pursue nursing.

My nursing journey has been in steps that have worked well for me. I remember my excitement on the last day of RN orientation. However, upon arriving I learned that I was going to be taking six patients on my own, and apprehension quickly set in. It took a few minutes for me to compose myself, then I said, "Okay, where do I start?" As the day progressed, my confidence grew with every task that I completed. As I entered Room 12 on my final round for the shift, I noticed my patient was unresponsive and her lips were blue. Yelling for help, I moved to her bedside and pushed the code blue button. Training and instinct immediately took over and my adrenaline was surging. No pulse. No breathing. No responsiveness. I started chest compressions as the room filled with the medical team, silently praying it would all be enough. But it wasn't. After 47 minutes, it all stopped. As difficult as it was to lose the patient, speaking to the family was even harder. After the physician left, I stayed with the family holding the daughter's hand as they reminisced with memories of their loved one. Through tears, laughter, and heartache, together we began the healing process and provided closure to one another.

I love being a nurse, but recognize my yearning for more. An advanced degree will increase my overall understanding of the science of nursing and provide an opportunity to research rural nursing issues as a means of improving the health of at-risk rural populations. Advanced nursing will give me the professional latitude to diagnose, prescribe, and manage the overall care of a patient including emphasis on prevention and education throughout the patient's lifespan. Providing this advanced care in my hometown will allow me to develop close knit bonds with my patients and their families and be able to give back to the community that has given so much to me.

My upbringing, work and education thus far have helped define who I am, and who I would like to become. I have selected your program because of your excellent academic reputation, your dedication to current and future research and your commitment to educating healthcare providers serving in rural communities. I feel I am ready to succeed in your program - mentally, financially, and academically - and that I have the skills necessary to excel.

Thank you for considering my application.
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Aug 29, 2012   #2
My upbringingdevelopednurtured my core beliefs of community, family, loyalty, compassion and honesty.values that shaped me into a person who is loyal, compassionate and honest with a strong attachment to her family and community .

It also taught me that all things worthwhile require hard workthe importance of hardworking and perseverance in pursuit of one's desired vision .

This why I want to becomeBecoming a Nurse Practitioner through the <school> will prove challenging and intense, but , which is my dream career that has the lifelong reward of a career thata great meaning and value to me while it has a significant importance to my community . My goal is to equip myself with knowledge and exposure that is needed tomove back to my hometown to fill athe gap in accessingto primary care due to the impending retirement of the community's its two beloved doctors. I am convinced that xxxxxxxxxx(your school) is the best place that would provide me with the right guidance and direction in the pursuit of my career dream.

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