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'I love to travel' - Georgetown's essay

BTDTXXDY 4 / 10  
Jan 3, 2012   #1
APPLICANTS TO THE MCDONOUGH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: Briefly describe the factors that have influenced your interest in studying business.

Please help me. Any comments are welcomed

Do I know anything about business? No. Do I have family members who work in business field? No. Do I have any business experiences? No. And yes, I want to study business.

First of all, I love to travel. Nowadays, global market has become normal and familiar to people, and working places have no longer been domestic permanent but international worldwide. Studying business provides great chances to go here and there, to meet more people and to learn more cultures. Furthermore, by the government's open policy, business is the best way of integrating the international economics. Exchanging new ideas, introducing our culture to the world, and expanding worldwide customer are necessary. The Vietnamese live in foreign countries always missing Vietnamese fruits and other specialties since they do not have these foods at where they are living. I do not want my tropical country with countless wonderful fruits to be unknown to the world.

We could not introduce us to the world and so does the world. As a fan, I wanted to buy a product from my favorite singers. Unfortunately, Vietnam was not in the shipping list. The singers wanted to expand their fame to Vietnamese fans. And Vietnamese fans wanted to go to their concerts or buy their products. However, we and our favorite singers did not have a chance to do so.

Secondly, I love working with people. It is fun to combine all different ideas into one idea, which somehow contains a part of the origins. It is interesting to know what people think about the same subjects, to see the different approaches from them. I love the way people dress making them unique somehow but becoming of symbol of businessmen, even though there are no uniforms.

I am very excited and curious about what I am going to learn, to explore and to experience. All ideas will be new and fresh. There may be different ways of approaching to problems. I consider studying business as a journey that I will take. And I long for it.
ken99m 5 / 9  
Jan 4, 2012   #2
I my self have studied business. If any one would have asked me; what did I learn from that field, I would say:

1. Time management
2. Management of the resources
3. Improved my communication skills
4. My network of cronies increased
5. It helped me to how to motivate others
6. How to use people( I had to use some people)

I guess, you can add some of them, if you like them.
OP BTDTXXDY 4 / 10  
Jan 4, 2012   #3
@ken99m thanks for your advise. i will check to see if there is anywhere I should include these points.
trgcook 2 / 6  
Jan 4, 2012   #4
you really seem passionate about business and it shows. you should consider expanding on the specific reasons why business really appeals to YOU. What makes you so passionate about it other than travelling and meeting new people?
OP BTDTXXDY 4 / 10  
Jan 4, 2012   #5
@trgcook. Thanks. What about saying that I want introduce the foods and fruit in my country to the world, as well as being a bridge to connect the world to my country, so that we can go to the concert of many famous foreign singers?

It's hard for me because noone in my family work in business field. I could not imagine how business is.

Anyway, there will be 2nd version. I'll rewrite it.

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