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"I was made for you!" - Why do I want to go to an engineering summer program?

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May 17, 2012   #1
In 250 words or less, state why you would like to attend this program.

I'm tired of turning, of turning through the maze of careers, of schools, of wondering what my life is going to become. I'm tired of aimlessly researching future careers with the hope that one will pop out screaming, "I was made for you!"

But I think I should say that I 'was' tired.

Fueled by the energy of certainty, I experience a whole different feeling. Like my dad, I really would like to be an engineer, but I need to be absolutely sure. I know I've made some headway in defining my interests and because of that the future no longer seems bleak. Instead, the future is radiant and lucid, filled with the promise of a fulfilling educational experience.

At dinner one night, a discussion about the strength of CDMA networks in our area with my dad really got me thinking. I looked at my dad and then I looked at myself; I had already noticed startling similarities in our personality, but now I noticed a deeper connection between us. I remembered one night long ago in Mexico where my dad and his cousin had talked for hours about what had seemed like a foreign language, a conversation brimming with jargon and technical engineering terms. That night, while stuffing myself with barbeque wings, I realized that maybe I was made to be an engineer after all.

Now, I'm incredibly grateful that I found a camp that has the potential to prove to me that I have reached the end of that long and winding maze, that I have finally found my passion.

vickywang 2 / 5  
May 18, 2012   #2
I want to ask...Is it a letter or just a composition .? .

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