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"Magic tricks" inspiration - Stanford (intellectually engaging idea)

Demyan 1 / -  
Feb 12, 2018   #1

interesting magic tricks

There's nothing better than showing magic tricks.

A year ago I came across a youtube channel where they were showing impressive magic tricks.They inspired me and I started to learn some of these tricks (the easiest ones of course). After a couple of months my skill has improved and I was able to learn more complicated tricks. When you are showing a magic trick you always need to keep an eye on spectator and to be focused on the magic tick itself. Sometimes my hands are shaking because of the pressure of fail.

It is one thing that I like in magic tricks the most. Magic tricks are designed to give people positive emotions. This feeling when you know that you made somebody's day is incredible.For me as for magician magic tricks are kind of ritual in which you give people positive emotions and that makes you even more happy than spectators. I can't show magic tricks if I feel sick or I'm in a bad mood. I think it's because I don't have any positive to share.From my point of view magic tricks are very good exercise to share happiness. I recommend you to try showing magic tricks. You will spend about 3 hours to learn a good one but it worth it. Positive emotions you will get are much more stronger than spectator's ones because your emotions will be multiplied by pressure of failing magic trick.

It was very interesting to see how magician feel themselves while showing tricks.I think that all people should feel experience of any action from both sides.
Holt - / 7,651 1998  
Feb 13, 2018   #2
@Demyann I would not consider this particular activity an intellectually engaging idea. This veers more into the area of a hobby or interest on your part. It is not, for the purposes of the prompt, intellectually engaging because the slant of the essay, as you wrote it, is to make the person watching you happy. However, if you change the slant of the essay and say that what you find intellectually engaging about this activity is the ability of the magician to hold the viewer in awe and have him asking "how did the magician do that?" then you will have stated an intellectually engaging idea. It becomes intellectually engaging because you pose a question in the mind of the viewer, just as you had when you viewed the YT video which led you to develop an interest in magic tricks. It becomes an intellectually engaging for the performer because he has to be creative enough to hide the secret of the trick, which, if done wrong, could be very obvious to the viewer and thus, ruin the magic act. Play up the intellectual angle of the activity in order to better represent the requirements of the prompt. Other than that, you have chosen a pretty good and interesting topic to use for the response.

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