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What is your main reason to study media and communication? Bachelor Degree

hatdenhoxxx 1 / -  
Feb 13, 2020   #1

Why Communication & Media?

Living in the information age, I am always fascinated with the media and the world it creates. Thankful to mass media, I have access to useful knowledge, from the small one like advice for a better lifestyle to the big one like global affairs, economic crisis. However, as the media reaches every corner of our lives, I believe that learning to navigate it has become more important than ever. I remember one time I was taken in by fake news, which was about Seungri, a famous Korean star, who was suspected of rape and prostitution. I read many articles this affair; however, as I followed an unreliable source on the internet, I carelessly accused him of the crimes and wrote heavily critical comments about him even before official investigation.

Another reason that I want to study media and communication is to prepare for my career as a journalist. To me, being a journalist is an ideal way to bring information to the audiences, and I am driven by the idea that my writings can help them to form an accurate perspective about the world we are living in. I believe that media and communication is just the right programme for me. With an interdisciplinary approach, this programme will provide me knowledge and skills that I need to make sense of the media, enhance my critical thinking to evaluate the media content. Furthermore, I believe media and communication is a vocational programme that I will make most of to hone my writing and communication skills.

( it is just a question from 10 question that my school requires, I don't have any extracurricular activities related to the degree, so i guess it's kind of a disadvantage, hope you can help me)

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,116 3262  
Feb 14, 2020   #2
Okay, The first paragraph is a throw away. That means, all it is doing is taking up space in the statement, without delivering an actual usable, informative, and valid sentiment. The second paragraph is far better in terms of usefulness when it comes to explaining your course choice. If you want to discuss "fake news", then do so from a point of seriousness and applicability to current events and global issues. Never use it in terms of shallow ideas such as being taken in by fake entertainment news. People who deliver entertainment news are called reporters. People who deliver serious news and informative articles are called journalists, which one do you want to be? Anybody can be an entertainment reporter, you don't need to study journalism for that. You just need a camera and a stalker like attitude to follow entertainers. Yes, they are called Papparazi and they do not get any respect in the formal journalism / news world. That is why I want you to remove that reference in this statement.

If you are a person who has an online blog, vlog, or if you have submitted any written or video news of interest, not related to entertainment, then you can consider yourself as having had some sort of amateur experience in journalism. You may refer to those as your "experience" in the "field". Based on these suggestions, you may enhance the second paragraph to become the sole response to the question being asked. It will be aligned with a journalism interest and show some experience on your part.

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