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"What makes Stanford a good place for you?" - LAST STANFORD ESSAY

tdai698 1 / -  
Sep 18, 2009   #1
Prompt: What makes Stanford a good place for you?

I feel like this is a bunch of crap but i'm completely shot for ideas right now...I just hope that it gets across how much I really want to go to Stanford. please edit and give me your feedback!

Out of all the colleges I have seen in the past few years-and I have seen many-none is as vividly etched in my mind as Stanford is. The three weeks I spent there in the summer of 2008 are on perpetual replay in my mind.

In times of nostalgia I am called back to Jerry House, where I spent the bulk of my time on campus, sharing living space with bright and ambitious students from all over the world. Thinking back, I recall early morning runs around the dried basin of "Lake" Langunita. I remember breakfast at Flo-mo Hall, capture-the-flag games in the Main Quad, and frenetic essay writing sessions in the CoHo coffee shop, surrounded by animated caricatures of renowned Stanford alumni. Most of all, I remember ascending to the top of Hoover Tower, where I looked dumbfounded out across the sunny swath of Stanford Campus and felt replete with joy.

Stanford is more to me than a great college and a prestigious name. When I was there, I felt alive, as if there was a humming in the air--something barely discernable, but incredibly potent. My three weeks at Stanford afforded me a window into what my college life could be like, and the view from where I stood was sublime.

When I left Stanford, I departed with the full intention of pooling all my energies into returning. Stanford is more to me than amazing academic and extracurricular opportunities, just as it is more to me than a batch of fond memories. Stanford is a route unraveling to a destination not yet known, leading me away from my dreary, Tennessee hometown to a place where I can carve out my own vision of life. Stanford is quite frankly all I could want for in a college.

EF_Simone 2 / 1,986  
Sep 18, 2009   #2
What's the purpose of this essay? Obtaining readmission? Then you'd better explain why you left and what has changed.

Throughout the essay, you may the (very common) error of writing more about the school than yourself. They know how great they are. What they need to know is why they should admit you, what it is about you that makes you a good match for the school.

Keep some of this -- the memories of essay-writing and tower climbing are lively and evocative -- but replace most of it with more information about you and your circumstances.
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Sep 18, 2009   #3
I like the overall approach. My only concern is that it answers the question of "why do you want to go to Stanford?" better than the actual prompt question. What makes Stanford a good place for you? Yes, you had a good time there, but you might have had at many other places, too. What about Stanford makes it a good place for you academically? personally?

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