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The meaning of life. Need Opinions on my personal statement for pace !

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Feb 23, 2018   #1

live life to its full potential

Does life have a meaning? This universal question has gone unanswered for thousands of years, or at least for my entire life. Albert Camus was a man whose views contributed to absurdism, a philosophy that was expressed in his novel The Stranger, a book that kept me reading and questioning. Camus believed that although a human should accept the condition of life being absurd, he should still continue to go explore and look for the meaning of life. He basically believed that life means what you want it to mean, what you make it to mean. I side with Camus.

Albert Camus basically defines the meaning of life by using the Myth of Sisyphus to illustrate that the world can't meet the demands of definition. What's the Myth of Sisyphus you ask? When a man named Sisyphus was punished by the gods with a task to roll a boulder up the hill all day knowing it's just going to roll back down, Sisyphus learned to accept the absurdity and enjoy his life although he found his task meaningless. What Camus is trying to get at is if we can't imagine that Sisyphus is happy at life, we will never be. There's no real objective meaning to life, there never is going to be; life is what you make it out to be, if you sit on your arse all your life, go to work, come home, and sleep, and that's it, that's not living life. Because of this, he finds religion or spirituality as a coward's way out from the reality of our world.

After my Grandma passed, I realized that life is short because you don't know what can come up. I was 11 when she passed and I couldn't even say goodbye because at first I didn't know what was happening, but then my little brain started to piece it together, piece by piece, she was gone. It was then that I realized , I need to make the most of my life, I need to do what I want to do in life. Life is what you make it, so make the best out of it, don't follow a template .

In conclusion, life is life, live it to your full potential. Explore the world, try new foods, do what you think will complete you, that will complete your quest, the quest of life. That's how I've been thinking since 11 and it's how I'm going to think until my time is up; Camus and my grandma helped me realize that.
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Feb 23, 2018   #2
Joshua, I can't really offer a solid opinion about this essay because I do not know what the point of the essay is. What is the prompt requirement that you are responding to? How are you expected to discuss it? I need to know what the expectations are of your writing so that I can review the essay and offer an opinion of your statement that will be most suitable to your needs. As of now, I feel like this essay is too philosophical in approach, without an explanation as to why it was approached that way. The personal side of the story made need to be revised a bit in order to leave out an age reference. It all depends upon what the point of the essay actually is. Please give me the prompt requirement for this essay. I will do my best to return with a more appropriate opinion and observation of your essay. Thanks.
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Feb 24, 2018   #3
The prompt is to describe a hard time in your life that had impacted you physically or mentally. I believe .
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Feb 24, 2018   #4
The meaning of life:
Since the beginning of times, humans are wondered about the meaning of their existence. Many theories had tried to response this universal question, from the first philosophers to biggest religions; however, there is not a clear answer. The lack of a unanimous answer is, in my opinion, because there is not point to the question. Life is just a coincidence, a summary of physical and chemical process that took place at the same time, in the same site. But human is too egocentric to understand that their lifes have no meaning. As a famous song say "we are born to die", and that's all!

Life is a role game where you are the main character and you should visits all the corners and pass all the challenges, always trying to enjoy the way. And if you fail, you must to learn of your mistakes and try it again to find the end and, be thrust that you did your best. No compassion, no sadness, no weakness, you are the owner of your life and just you can find a meaning to be alive.

Long story short...take the most pleasures as possible and avoid the suffering. Food, drink, sex, adrenaline, enjoy time with those who you love etc.

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