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"Mechanical engineering," I'd answered instinctively; Upenn-good fit for engineering

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Dec 28, 2013   #1
The Admissions Committee would like to learn why you are a good fit for your undergraduate school choice (College of Arts and Sciences, School of Nursing, The Wharton School, or Penn Engineering). Please tell us about specific academic, service, and/or research opportunities at the University of Pennsylvania that resonate with your background, interests, and goals. (400-650 words)

Hey any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I want to study at Penn Engineering.

"What do you want to study?"
"Mechanical engineering," I'd answered instinctively.
While it was the truth, mechanical engineering wasn't only what I wanted to study. I love seeing the laws and concepts of physics intertwine and come to life when I improve my models in Engineering Club. I want to use my hands with knowledge and imagination to create. But I look at our world and I can't help but think that there's got to be more.

Penn's interdisciplinary approach to learning allows me to take courses in other fields from all 4 undergraduate schools. I fully appreciate the liberal arts based curriculum as it creates a truly well rounded education with in-depth focus while having the flexibility to explore my other interests. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I am particularly drawn to the possibility of the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology as it allows me to pursue an education based on engineering while deepening my understanding of the entrepreneurial world. The synergy creates a perspective that is more equipped for the real world.

"Penn is always active." Penn's countless community services programs to impact lives prove this. I believe our entire life-support system is dependent on our Earth and it is our duty to conserve it. Jamaica is plagued with a critical rising environmental crisis. Though efforts are constantly being made to reduce damage and waste in my school, it is the general population that must unite to make amendments. Penn's Rethink Your Footsteps approaches reduction in environmental vulnerability in an admirably unique way. The campaign aims to broaden the awareness and provide for their students the opportunity to understand their responsibility in environmental rather than 'cleaning up'. I find comfort in that Penn puts priority in the conservation of our environment. Combining my passion in environmental conservation and knowledge gained from Penn engineering will allow more possibilities.

There is the familiar enthusiasm evident in Engineers Without Borders (PennEWB) videos; it is an atmosphere that I feel will further inspire me to continue helping my community. Equip with a world-class research facilities, I would be provided the opportunity learn to not only impact the surrounding community but also impact my country as well.

Penn Engineering's extraordinary academics and practicability and research opportunities makes it distinguished from other universities. Penn would facilitate my unique interests and develop my skills for not only my career but also for life.
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Dec 28, 2013   #2
it has good balance btw u and the school. It is really very good, because when i substitute using other school, it doesn't work. So great job!

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