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'I am a messy perfectionist' - SAIC personal statement / artist statement

queeny210 1 / -  
Sep 5, 2016   #1
This is still a really rough draft! I'm mostly looking for constructive criticism of my ideas.

I am a messy perfectionist. Although this might be an oxymoron, it describes my artistic process and final artworks. I am not organized or neat when the time comes to sit down and paint a new piece, nevertheless I do not consider an artwork finished until it meets my idea of "perfect". Repainting or redrawing an artwork is not an uncommon occurrence; I find it a valuable part of my learning process. Generally, I take inspiration from other artists in my school since I can relate to their thought processes and motivations. Traditional style artworks and techniques such as Grisaille and Baroque paintings influence me because of the mastery of contrast and precise details.

Much like every other young artist, strengthening and expanding my portfolio is my priority. I have taken those summer arts courses, figure drawing sessions every Tuesday, and all the art class my school offers. However, one class that allows my artwork to grow is American Sign Language. Recently, I have been making connections between Sign Language and the reason I create art. Art and Sign Language are more similar than most people may believe. Sign Language is a visual language, unlike English, Spanish, French, etc., so communication is only hand movements and facial expressions. Art is a language of its own, but visual in the same way as Sign Language. It expresses ideas, opinion, and emotions exclusively through sight. It is talking without speaking. My best artworks can convey my concept without explaining every artistic choice and motivation.

Once I had someone ask, "Why will your artwork be significant 100 years from now?" From that point on, I have been purposeful in all of my art. My work will be significant 100 years from now because it is a language. Regardless of my presence, people will understand my ideas by solely viewing my artwork.

I am a strong candidate for The School of the Art Institute of Chicago because I possess the qualities to make meaningful and insightful art that remains relevant years in the future. Striving to be an innovative thinker and create artwork is more than just a "good: drawing or an aesthetically pleasing photo is vital to me. The opportunity to be surrounded by hundreds of other artists will be beneficial to my art making process and learning experience.
TJLuschen - / 241 203  
Sep 6, 2016   #2
Hi, I really liked your essay. Your introduction seemed a little choppy, because the first half had a definite theme, but your last two sentences introduce two new completely unrelated points. It would be nice to somehow integrate it a little more cohesively.

I would say: "However, one class that [has unexpectedly allowed] my artwork to grow is ..."

so communication is only [through] hand movements

It expresses ideas, opinion[s ], and emotions

"It expresses ideas, opinion, and emotions ..." - I think you may be limiting art a little bit here - sculpture can definitely be an tactile experience and many art installations incorporate sound as part of the artwork. I bet there are even some creative artists out there exploring smell and maybe even taste, though how to draw the line between fine art and culinary art?

"My best artworks can convey my concept without explaining ..." - is this without the artwork explaining or without you having to explain verbally? It seemed a little ambiguous to me

The last sentence sounds really awkward to me - imagine saying, "this new brush I bought will be beneficial to my art making process" - sounds a little funny or at least pretentious :)

You have a lot of great ideas in this essay - maybe too many ;) But seriously, you start off with the messy perfectionist theme, then switch to the art as language, then finish with remaining relevant. These may be too different of ideas to use them all effectively in a short essay. They are all great ideas though - maybe you can find a way to tie them together a little better somehow - you do that a little bit by saying that art remains significant because it is a language, but it still sounds a little disjointed to me.

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