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My mom is a mathematician; Common App/ Person & influence

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Dec 30, 2012   #1
:Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.

The experiences that I had in my childhood in school were not so positive rather they were dark and negative yet they have profoundly influenced me. I was eight years old and was promoted to fourth grade. I was back to school after two months summer break and my first class in school was mathematics; the subject that I abhorred. I had been struggling with mathematics since the first day at school though my mother is a mathematician but she was always so absorbed with her job and work that she hardly paid attention to my weakness in mathematics. I loathed learning and memorizing tables, dividing odd numbers, and finding how much is John left with if he gives 20% of 2030 to his friend? Such questions always made me angry just because I got them wrong and failed to work out the correct answer, as a result I ran away from such gruelling mathematics work.

Ms. Flora, our mathematics teacher in fourth grade was known for her arrogance, strictness and short-temper. She always screamed, yelled and scolded eight and nine years old on every little mistake. I was the weakest student of her and she hated me. I had no way to skip her screams, sarcasm and anguish. I was also the weakest target because all my former teachers agreed that I never performed well in maths. She always pointed me out in a class to solve the question on the board, say a loud the tables and answer the difficult questions. My mother was often called up and complained about my performance. I felt like I was the worst student and can never succeed in life.

I was completely shattered until one day when I came back home tired of her daily wrath and punishments in the class. I couldn't tell my mother about the situation as I didn't want to further augment to her problems. I turned to myself and decided to change my attitude as all this had not only dented my image but had made me a complete loner. I took out my mathematics book and started to solve the examples first. From that day on I made sure that I practised mathematics regularly at least two hours a day. I re-made friends, however, difficult but I had to because it was the only way I could help from my peers. I always tried my best to perform well, communicate with her favourites, smile in her class, and respond politely to her every ridicule and acrimonious remark.

I believe that if she had not treated that way, I wouldn't have performed well in my class at all. She instigated me to change my way of dealing with difficult subjects that required extra effort. I owe to her for whatever I am right now, though she was a negative person but she has moulded me in to a positive person. I still make sure that I work harder in mathematics.

Please help me with the title and help with the work will be greatly appreciated
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Dec 30, 2012   #2
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thanks for the feedback...will revise now

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