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Have you ever been to the moon? / Harvard Supp/ Letter to roommate

fasaran 5 / 30  
Dec 22, 2012   #1
This is my harvard supplement writing. I decided to do a letter haha. provide any corrections please!
______________________________________________________________________ _________

Dear Roommate,

Have you ever been to the moon? I haven't either. But I have:

-Drawn eyes on snow-covered cars' front windows during Christmas so that they would look like characters from the movie Cars.
-Walked thirty minutes into a forest alone with two towels, which I hung on a thick tree branch to do pull-ups. (Why did you need the towels for that?)

-Went to the mall with a microphone and loudly complimented strangers on their looks: "May I say you that are the definition of beautiful."

-Had a three-day movie marathon with friends, a combination of Marvel, Harry Potter, and chick-flicks.
-Picked up a penny in the mall parking lot and donated it to Ronald McDonald House Charity at the food court. (This could be considered rude in terms of not taking monetary donations seriously.)

-Stayed up until four in the morning tutoring my friend on pulley-physics over the phone.
-Given a speech in Language Arts class on why everyone should lift weights.
-Done bicep curls every nightbefore bed, fearing that my biceps would shrink during sleep.
-Created a makeshift barbell out of four gallon-jugs filled with water tied to a broomstick for lifting at home.
-Spent three hours at Panera debating with with my friend on whether Newtonian mechanics or Einstein's theory of relativity had a greater impact on technological advancement.

-Derived a new equation for the area of any triangle by expanding the Pythagorean Theorem geometrically because Heron's formula took too long to calculate.

-Read the book Intelligent Investors three times while sipping hot chocolate on a cold rainy day.
-Spent an entire Thursday afternoon with Mr. DeWitt, founder and CEO of Resurgens Bank, discussing the beauty of fractional reserve banking and my ambition to build a banking empire on which the sun never sets.

-Built a four-foot long space shuttle out of construction paper and foam. I then attached a motor taken out of a RC toy car to the shuttle so that it could move.

-Spent four hours researching how a toilet works so that I could fix the leaking toilets at home.

Have you? If not, we can redo these together; I mean, who wouldn't want to fix overflowing toilets in our residence hall at Harvard! I look forward to our future adventures.

Your geeky, creative, outgoing, and ambitious roommate,

dmullen1994 1 / 1  
Dec 22, 2012   #2
- Drawn eyes
- and hung them on trees
- gone to the mall

You didn't post the prompt, but half of these seem irrelevant as far as college is concerned.
college134nj - / 44 7  
Dec 22, 2012   #3
by any chance, is this what u submitted to stanford? but woah, i'd wanna be ur roommate based on this! u sound really fun... but also geeky... kind of what harvard (or MIT even more) would be looking for, i think?
OP fasaran 5 / 30  
Dec 22, 2012   #4
haha yeah. im submitting this to stanford as well! does it look okay? lol
Didgeridoo - / 306 191  
Dec 22, 2012   #5

Your essay probably wasn't meant to be similar, but if the people reading your essay have seen something formatted like this, best case scenario: They won't be impressed by the originality you were trying to convey and worst-case scenario: They'll suspect plagiarism.
OP fasaran 5 / 30  
Dec 22, 2012   #6
I did get the idea from that post :/ but i thought..just because he wrote it in a list format type of thing, it doesnt mean he has monopolizing power over it. Oh well, i guess i will scratch it and rewrite it.
katev 18 / 120 24  
Dec 22, 2012   #7
I also thought of that Huffington post when I read your letter. I'm not saying you plagiarized, as it isn't totally uncommon to format your letter this way. However, I think it may set off some red flags, and I'm sure you would just rather not have that happen, haha!

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