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My mother had a fall while she was pregnant; Transition into adulthood

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Oct 20, 2013   #1
It was a normal night in my house my mom had cooked dinner and we were all just waiting to sit down to dig in. we were sitting there talking about our day like we had always done. My mom was famous for the "so how was school" question and I swore me and my sister dreaded it she asked the same thing every night. We had laughed at her sometimes because we always knew our answers would be the same because nothing really interesting was happening at school. Something had caught my eye though my mother's face looked very pale and she didn't look like she was feeling well. I asked if she was okay and she simply answered yes, I went on with eating my dinner and doing the normal chatting but my mother still looked very ill and I was getting worried. She had gotten up and looked even paler and her normal walk to the back of the house was more of a fast pasted walk. I was getting very worried at this point in our lives my mom was three months pregnant and a few days before had fallen down some stairs. At the time I wasn't aware the internal damage simply falling down some stairs could do to a person who was pregnant.

As my mother walked to the bathroom she called for her husband and I got up in concern I knew something was really wrong. As I walked behind her I could see the damage show through her pants. My first reaction was to do everything she had asked. First thing she asked of me was to go in the other room and not come in the bathroom until I was asked to do so. At this time being a child had to be put behind me as my mother was going through something and needed the entire help one person could ask for. I stepped into adulthood at this very moment. Not only my mother needed me to step into adulthood but so did my family. I was the oldest child in the house and my sister was too young to understand that our mother was losing our sister and brother. I needed to assure my sister that things would be okay and that my mom was alright well in the back of my mind I was losing it and didn't know if things were really alright or how my mother was doing.

Finally my mom let me come into the room she didn't look so well and I was worried I could see the damage. She was in the bathroom that conjoined to my bedroom I sat down at the end of the bed with a blank face but I knew I couldn't show any emotion it was not the right time. The paramedics were at the door of my room and I knew I wasn't going with my mom because I needed to tend to my sister. I looked back at the bathroom and remembered how my mother was nothing could be out of place so I started cleaning and went back to having no emotions. It felt like I was cleaning for hours and I could hear her husband saying come say goodbye to your mom I didn't move I could I was scared if I said goodbye I would break I needed to be strong for her. I felt from this night forward I had become an adult within my family. This was the day I learned to never take things for granted because something can be taken away from you at any moment. I also learned how to step into things that can be very hard for one person and make them easier by not over reacting and simply doing what was asked of me.
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Oct 24, 2013   #2
Would it be possible to reupload the essay with the paragraph breaks? It's very confusing to me.

Very strong essay though, quite moving

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