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My mother's influence; Person with Significant Influence

tomcruisin444 2 / 19  
Feb 20, 2013   #1
The role played by role models in one's life cannot be downplayed. They are integral in providing life lessons, offering directions, and taking lead roles for those people looking on to them. There is always a reason as to why God brings some people in our lives. In this regard, I must confess that my mother has been the greatest influence in my life. Her significance in my life cannot be matched to any other person I have ever come across. Since my tender ages, she has stood by me in several circumstances, offering prerequisite guidance whenever I needed it the most. Life has not been that smooth to me especially when it comes to my academic pursuits. There is that time where my performance in class had hit the rock bottom. I contemplated giving up as it had become apparent that I was not fit to be a capable student. Out of all the advices and criticisms I received, the voice of my mother was the only reason for me to keep on trying.

My mother has taught me the quality of determination and sacrifice. I recall a particular instance where I performed dismally in my sixth grade. The results were not only a shame, but also an utter shock for me considering the effort I had put in while preparing for the exams. I expected to pass. Unfortunately, this was never to be. Discouraged, I tore the results slip into pieces and threw it away. Education did not matter any longer for me. I could not imagine that those grades were the best rewards to offer my mother after all years of sacrificing her hard earned money on my school fees. Contrary to my expectations, my mother understood the challenges I was facing. Instead of pointing an accusing finger to me, she told me that I do not have to kill myself every time I feel unhappy about life. This statement always lingers in my mind whenever I face challenges. It boosted my self-esteem and determination to this very day.

The characters I portray currently are all linked to the positive influence my mother has had in my life. She always reminds me that life offers us a number of options to pursue. As such, the choices one make has consequences that accompany them. In this view, she encouraged me to pursue the causes that only have positive impact on my life and to the lives of those people surrounding me. I have learned to be honest and to act with integrity in all circumstances. She has also taught me to accept the things I do not have the power to change and emulate the behaviors that are positive to my well-being.

My mother remains the most significant person to ever influence my life. When my world seemed to be tumbling down and everybody turned their faces away from my predicaments, my mother proved what motherly love really means. A recollection of such moments draws me even much closer to her. The sacrifice she has made in so far as my academic pursuits are concerned is simply incredible. I acknowledge the fact that there are several other people who, in one way or the other, have also touched my life positively. Nevertheless, among them all, my mother is outstanding.

I really tried to make this essay as much as about me as it does about my Mom. However I've gotten some critiques saying that i need to talk more about myself. I think i did a pretty fair job in trying to balance the essay out between my Mother and I, so that colleges want to accept me more than they want to accept my Mom. I need some help because I've heard many people who write about influence essay's and fall into the trap of not talking enough about themselves and end up talking more about why this person has influenced them in their lives, when the essay is really supposed to be talking about how you used the influenced you gained from the person and the impact it had on you. I will appreciate any helpful advice. =]
HarvardAccept - / 57 24  
Feb 20, 2013   #2
Never write about your mom in your college essays. Who cares about your mom. This essay is about you, the colleges are not admitting your mom derp de derp.
OP tomcruisin444 2 / 19  
Feb 21, 2013   #3
So would you recommend that I abandon this essay and choose a different topic, or write about a different influence in my life?
kisjinjer231 1 / 1 3  
Feb 21, 2013   #4
I think there are several ways that you could change this essay around to fit your requirements. Such as adding a more unique experience, and talking more about yourself than your Mom.
lilkiddykid 1 / 5 1  
Feb 21, 2013   #5
I believe this essay hinders you as an invidiual. Many college students write about an influence in their life, try something different

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