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Letter of Motivation for Bachelor's degree Mechanical Engineering

Arnosyn 1 / -  
May 1, 2017   #1

best fit for my interests and prospective career

Dear Sir or Madam,

With this letter, I would like to express my keen interest in applying for the Bachelor's Degree Program in Mechanical Engineering at the RWTH Aachen University. Currently, I am a first-year student pursuing my Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Benha in Egypt.

I grew up as a boy who is eager for understanding, how a mechanism, for example, a vehicle, internally operates in a synchronous way to execute a particular function. Also, I am consistently thrilled by the challenge of disassembling a device, then reassembling it again. In fact, since my early infanthood, building an engine or a robot was a wish that still resonates within me. In my secondary school, I enjoyed the idea of utilising math and physics to design practically serviceable mechanisms. I was further aroused when I began to read about hydraulics and thermodynamics system. That is when I have realised, that I have always wanted to study things that involve movement, coordination and in reality applicable. Thus, choosing this distinct field of study was a decision based on passion and picking out the profession, I would enjoy doing the most.

However, some reasons made me more particular about my choice. Firstly, the background that I have gained in this discipline as a result of my ongoing study. Secondly, mechanical engineers have freedom to opt for any other profession such as Automation Engineering or Mechatronics, which I especially would like to specialise in. Thirdly, the continual challenge, as I am expected to discover, invent and develop innovative products which conserve more energy, are more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

As well as having looked through the degree content, my desire to join the program has greatly increased. First, I especially appreciated the curriculum, as it gives a broad range of specialisation possibilities such as Production Technology or Transportation Engineering as well as the free choice of subjects from selected desired career field as in the fifth and sixth semester. Second, an excellent application of the theoretical part through practical internships is entirely crucial to me. A total of twenty weeks of internships in the industry in addition to a project to work on during the sixth semester is what I found to be completely beneficial.

Germany's technical performance is decidedly the basis of its economic prowess; its companies are regarded as highly innovative and continually developing new technologies to shore up competitive edges. Its machinery and automobiles are for that exemplary. Moreover, Germany is globally recognised for its engineering expertise and education, with some of its universities ranked among the top 250. All of this ensures that my studies in Germany will be an enrichment, enhancement as well as a great challenge and responsibility that I am eager to take on, as I will always be expected to think divergently and introduce innovative ideas to maintain the high criteria of Germany's industry and education.

After considerable research on the internet, it became self-evident that RWTH Aachen is, owing to the following reasons, the best fit for my interests and prospective career. It is one of nine universities of excellence (TU9), was ranked 12th worldwide in the field of Mechanical Engineering (QS Rankings 2015) and has educated several notable individuals, for example, the Nobel laureate Peter Debye and Theodore von Kármán with his outstanding contributions in the field of aerodynamics. Not only that, but it also maintains strong ties to the industry and offers its students high-quality courses recognised at international level. Besides, the portion of foreign students at the RWTH Aachen is higher-than-average, amounting to more than 19%, all of this shall certainly grant me an excellent opportunity to develop my engineering knowledge in a prestigious, industry-related, and cosmopolitan university.

Prospectively, I conceive myself as a competent well-educated mechanical engineer in a renowned company with international interests, besides preparing to do my Master's Degree in Automation Engineering or Mechatronics. To achieve this vision, I have to acquire excellent theoretical knowledge complemented by practical experience. Therefore, I would like to use my stay in Aachen for further development of my abilities by applying for internships and making regular visits to factories. Furthermore, studying abroad is per se quite worthwhile. It gives me the chance to experience different systems of education, and it is an excellent way to acquire a new perspective on culture and people, language skills, and an enhanced willingness to learn. It excites me to seek challenges out and to carry life responsibilities by myself. Needless to say, these qualities are highly attractive to future employers. Hence, being a part of RWTH Aachen's international community is a great opportunity to refine my communication skills and teamwork abilities.

I hope that my previous educational career, combined with my great enthusiasm for this discipline, will meet your expectations of a suitable candidate and I should be pleased to provide you with any other details you may require.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,801 2612  
May 2, 2017   #2
Moataz, I don't really see a career motive for your interest in pursuing a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. By the way, you are applying for a masters degree and not a Bachelor's degree right? Those are two different degree courses. A bachelor degree, is taken after high school graduation. A masters degree is taken after a college degree is completed and ample work experience has been gained. Speaking of work experience, it doesn't appear that you have any at this point. Is this so? You need to remove the reference to your childhood interests. As a masters degree applicant, it stands to reason that you have some sort of work experience that has motivated you to seek advanced education. In most instances, this has something to do with career advancement. I don't see that here. Your reason for opting to enroll in this university is very shallow and reeks of researched information regarding the better known aspects of the university. The reviewer will be disappointed to read that you are not familiar at all with the university course offerings, its programs in relation to you course of interest, and the ability of the university to train you as an individual in this field. In my opinion, the motivation letter you wrote does not qualify as a masters degree motivation letter. However, it can work, to some extent, as a bachelor's degree motivation letter.

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