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2050 movie title///spending one day with a famous New Yorker//NYU Supplements!

Swifty 2 / 5  
Dec 30, 2009   #1
Please help me take a look at the supplements for NYU! My english is only so-so so a helpful hand would be excellent.

In the year 2050, a movie is being made of your life. Please tell us the name of your movie and briefly summarize the story line.

Start Small
A movie depicting Calvin Lin struggling to get a role in a Broadway show. He encounters rejection every time ranging from a 'no' to an escorted exit by four bodyguards. Sulking as he walks back to his apartment, he ignores an audition advert for a small local musical every time. It is only until his rent is overdue, that fate brings the advert to him. After deciding to perform, an agent agrees to help aim higher. Only after starting small did the road to success become visible.

If you had the opportunity to spend one day in New York City with a famous New Yorker, who would it be and what would you do? (Your New Yorker can be anyone -past or present, fictional or nonfictional - who is commonly associated with New York City; they do not necessarily have to have been born and raised in New York.)

After marveling at her beauty, I would spend one day with actress Lucy Liu. I would discuss our similar Taiwanese roots, then question how she received mainstream acceptance in Hollywood as a minority. Having her share her journey into Hollywood and to success would be a delightful pleasure. After, we would walk through the streets of NYC discussing her favorite moments in acting, and then after walk through Chinatown gulping some down dumplings, embracing both our American and Chinese cultures.

Please tell us what led you to select your anticipated academic program and/or NYU school/college, and what interests you most about your intended discipline.

It started when I was seven, watching Star Wars IV with my cousins. I became obsessed with staging my own epic scenes with a cast of me, myself, and I performing every role my creative mind can conjure up. I was driven by my imagination and passion to perform stories and that gradually evolved into acting and theater. My passion grew as I reached High School where I got myself involved into almost all the theatrical productions. Tisch School of the Arts and NYC will have all the resources I require to pursue my lifelong passion.

I will try my best to give feedback to your essays too if you ask me to!
nc08dkia 4 / 23  
Dec 30, 2009   #2
These are good essay, however looking at your personal statement, you have a LOT of passion about theater, which is great! but you are showing yourself as a one dimensional theatrical person (although, actors can never be one dimensional), I think you should write one of your short essays about soemthing else u like to do. And leave the other two to be about acting. i think u should change the famous new yorker essay, cause it was kind of boring in comparison with your other essays. plus it will give a reader to 'phew' after your passion and enthusiasm for theatre.

you are a good writer! and probably a very good actor, good luck to you!
can you take a look at this essay? this one is about done as well, i just need soem final comments. And please ask me to help with any essay u want.
grocks6 3 / 12  
Jan 7, 2010   #3
Actually I believe that your famous New Yorker essay was very well done and had a great bit of a personal touch to it; not only did you express that you liked Lucy Liu as a person, you thought that that she was a great actress as well. You also showed that your cultural perspective is very high.

For the personal statement however, I know you can revamp it a bit. Include a drama performance title and why you find performing in the theater to be so appealing: was it the lighting? the effects? the lines? the characters? There is so much more to theater than just acting as singing, dancing, and sometimes even cooking can be included.

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