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Mural on Broad and Spring Garde - help with my "statement of interest"

lint99 1 / -  
May 10, 2007   #1
I am applying for a paid internship with the Mural Arts Program, and I have never written a statement of interest. does anybody have any suggestions...please??

I remember the first time I saw the mural on Broad and Spring Garden. My friend and I were sent by his father to pick up some truck parts from a warehouse in North Philadelphia, and as we drove down Spring Garden and approached the giant painting, my eyes got wider, and my jaw kept dropping. I was stunned by the giant girl in 'Common Threads' wearing the purple satin shirt, standing there like the Statue of Liberty; I felt that painting represented Philadelphia on more than one level. I had never considered murals to be fine art until that day, and I had never considered fine art outside of a museum setting.

My interest in this internship lies on a few different levels. As an artist, I would like to learn the processes involved in painting a mural of any size. Although my mural experience is minimal, I have spent the last seven years painting on many different surface types and sizes, using many different types of paint. I have been trying different techniques, sometimes inspired by other artists, learning quickly and manipulating the style for my own liking. To spend six weeks working side by side with a professional mural painter, and perform whatever tasks they so need, would prove to be most beneficial for myself and helpful for them. In turn after learning what it takes to paint a mural, I would like to continue to work with the Mural Arts Program, helping with community projects, working with the youth and furthering my experience in the program.

When I saw 'Common Threads' that day, I thought about how amazing the person who had painted that must feel, knowing so many people from all over the world see that every day and take that home with them as a beautiful representation of Philadelphia. This is a wonderful opportunity for an aspiring artist to work with one who is established as a member of the arts community in Philadelphia. I hope to work under someone like this, as I am willing to learn anything, try anything, and I am not afraid to get paint on my hands.

EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
May 11, 2007   #2

For someone who has no experience writing a statement of interest, you have done a marvelous job! The only thing I might suggest would be a bit more of a transition from your first paragraph to the second. Something like, "since that day, I have wanted to learn how to create art in mural form." Also, your first paragraph says "that painting represented Philadelphia on more than one level" then you soon say "My interest in this internship lies on a few different levels." It might be more interesting to vary your language. Perhaps, the second time you could say something to the effect of "My interest in this internship is multi-faceted" or "stems from a variety of motivations."

I hope you get the internship! Good luck!


Sarah, EssayForum.com

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