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So naive and young, I had belief that high school was going to be simple. Experiencing an failure.

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Oct 31, 2016   #1
The lessons we take from failure can be fundamental to later success. Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience?

So naďve and young, I had belief that high school was going to be simple. Challenging and stressful were two words I'd never guessed high school would be. Due to the fact that I felt as the most intelligent in junior high, I had the mentality that high school would be just as easy. In the 9th grade, it finally hit me; I received my first report card, which caused my entire heart to sink. Seeing the bold, black letter C on my report card, had to be the worst day of my life. In that moment, I began to believe that because of that low-grade, the chance of me going to a great university is over. I felt as if I were a failure. That following summer, I began to realize that I had to make a change. The possibility of getting accepted to college isn't unattainable, if I faithfully applied myself to my academics. I now had the mindset that nothing is just handed to you in life, you have to be dedicated and willing to make yourself better. Then, I remembered how both my parents weren't fortunate enough to go to college, which is how they ended up struggling at low-income jobs, trying to make ends meet. From growing up in that environment, I knew that wasn't the lifestyle I imagined for myself. I knew that if I was determined enough, I could be the first generation college student in my family, not only making my family proud, but myself also. Throughout the rest of high school, I immensely improved by staying diligent and committed. I was able to go from a 3.2 freshman year to at one point, a 4.2 junior year, which inspires me to this day. If I had the chance to redo those two years of high school over, I would in a heartbeat, however, my past shows my progression throughout the years and how I gained time management skills. Varsity Tennis, Gear Up with Wayne State, AP classes, having a part-time job, while maintaining a 3.45 GPA, prove that I'm a well-rounded, mature student whose aspiration is to attend college. The transformation in my grades, beliefs and lifestyle prove that I am determined enough to continue my successful, educational career at an exceptional university.
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Nov 1, 2016   #2
Hi! I have some feedback for you!

So naďve and young, I had belief ...

It is so naive and typical when I was young, I believe high school will going to be simple.

Due to the fact that I felt as the most ...

Due to the fact that I have good academic experience (and is assigned as the most intelligent student) in junior high, I am quite sure high school would be easy.

I received my first report card, which ...

However when I first received my first report card, the result totally sink my heart.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,529 3444  
Nov 1, 2016   #3
Lexi, this essay sounds more like you are trying to justify your low grades instead of discussing a failure. In most essays that delve on this topic, the student is normally expected to present a story that shows character development. Similar at times to the transition to adulthood essay prompt. In this case, the story regarding the way that C can affect your future is still being written. So the lesson to be learned is still ongoing. It would be better if you chose a failure in your life that is already a closed book. Meaning, the story has been told and your lesson has been learned. Such a story shows more of your character development and ability to recover from a failure. Right now, the grades story has an uncertain future for you. Don't use that story. Go with a story that already shows a lesson learned from a notable event in your life.
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Nov 13, 2016   #4
Hello, Your essay seems to relate to the topic well. However, I have some suggestions for you. I really think you need to elaborate more on the hardships you came across while coping up with your academics. Your essay should be be able to connect the admission officers well and show them a side of you that cannot be seen anywhere in your application. I hope you take it positively. Thank you. :)

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