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I'm a nerd- Dear Future Roommate

kenyaboyfresh 7 / 17  
Dec 8, 2011   #1
Prompt: Write a letter to your future roommate.

Dear Future Roommate,
I'm very excited to meet you, but before we meet, I'd like to introduce you into my world.
I was born in Kenya and lived there for six years before my family decided to move to Texas. We proceeded to live in Texas for the next seven years before moving to Kentucky where we currently live. I have two little siblings, Joseph and Shanila, who are obsessed with anything related to Thomas the Train.

My most unique trait is my ability to gain laughter by telling horrible jokes. I enjoy watching movies such as Fight Club and reading books such as Eragon. I prefer to pass my leisure time by listening to music. Although rap is my preferred genre, my iTunes contains a diverse range of music from comedy to classical. I'm sure we can find some music to agree on. While I do not regularly watch television, I do enjoy shows such as Lost and House. I am always smiling and I rarely get frustrated. I normally go out of my way to meet new people.

Whenever it comes to academics, I'm a bit of a nerd. I hope to one day become a doctor and as weird as it may sound, I like to read textbooks. On days before tests, you can expect to find me studying in the library tuning the world out, but after the tests, I'm down to have some fun and be social. I love being outside and you'll rarely find me inside my dorm except for sleep.

I'm a very friendly and outgoing person and I'm sure we'll get along. I look forward to meeting and making a new best friend.


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